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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 22

Latest Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 5S rumors: Hardcore quad-core, the PlayStation 4 connection, iCheapo

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February 25, 2013 10:07 AM ET
iPhone 6

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"As you can see," iOSDoc announces with unintentional humor, "the motherboard is pretty much similar to the one iPhone 5 uses, which proves that the iPhone 5S will keep the size and 4-inch display. So do not expect a bigger display, at least not for now."

Proof positive, without a doubt. And we're not expecting. Not now. Not after we have proof.

The "A7" chip is "clocked at 1.2Ghz" and runs iOS 7, which "will also come with a highly improved Siri, able to 'do a lot of new cool stuff.' Unfortunately our source didn't want to speak very much about this aspect."

This is typical of anonymous sources. They seem to be fountains, indeed geysers, of information. Then, inexplicably they just clam up. And none of the rumor news sites seem to ask these guys, "How come?"

The Next iPhone "should also come with a RAM improvement," according to iOSDoc, basically doubling RAM to 2GB.

9to5Mac blew up the blur even more, making it even burrier but bigger, and concluded, in a tweet, that there were a "Lot of un-natural pixels" in it. Other tweets, from 9to5 and its followers, expanded on this: "the 7 doesnt look like it is of the same font as the A and it appears to not lineup properly (top to bottom) with the A. Fake." "Kerning on the A7 letters looks wrong, the 7 is too close to the A." And "my daughter has better Photoshop skills."

Although after reading a bunch of these comments, they start to sound like they're assuming their conclusion and one wonders just how expert are their own Photoshop and kerning skills.

Christian Zibreg at iDownloadBlog was skeptical in his post, but of course that didn't stop him from posting about it. On iOSDoc's confident assertions, Zibreg complained "That's a lot of speculation right there" from a "web site with an unestablished track record."

"[W]e wouldn't otherwise pay attention if it weren't for a slow news day due to President's Day in the United States," he informed his readers. His point was underscored by his post's headline: "Likely doctored photo claims to depict iPhone 5S motherboard with A7 processor"

That seems to mean "we're telling you about a photograph that's probably a counterfeit because it's claiming to show details of something, which if were not counterfeit, you'd be legitimately interested in."

Meanwhile iOSdoc is keeping a positive attitude. "We will investigate further and hopefully we will be able to find out if Apple does indeed try to send fake information through the company in order to catch the "leaker." Fortunately we now have more contacts than ever and we've managed to talk to a lot of people after the doctored photo went viral, which helps us during this process."

Meanwhile, even the skeptics of the photo are not very skeptical about the imminent arrival of a 2013 iPhone with a quad-core processor, oversimplifying both the benefits and tradeoffs of such a move.

iPhone 6 will have an exclusive Sony PlayStation 4 app

The degree of thrill one experiences reading that will depend on how much you love mobile gaming or PlayStation, or both.

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