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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 22

Latest Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 5S rumors: Hardcore quad-core, the PlayStation 4 connection, iCheapo

By , Network World
February 25, 2013 10:07 AM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The iOSphere glowed as a delicious rumor of a "leaked" photo of the iPhone 6 motherboard flared into life. And then, alas, collapsed like a black hole sucking everything down into destruction and darkness.

But there was a new rumor that the iPhone 6 would be able to remotely play games on the awesome upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 and renewed rumor, based mainly on good vibes, that Apple will launch the iCheapo phone.

You read it here second.


"It's been a tough and long road but we finally made it here."

Anonymous author,, describing the arduous process of listening to an anonymous but "very reliable" source talk about a blurry photo he'd obtained, purporting to be the iPhone 6 motherboard, and writing a post about it, blissfully unaware of how tougher and longer the road would become when the photo shortly after was exposed as a fake.


iPhone 6, or 5S, whatever, with quad-core A7 CPU

A website called iOSDoc trumpeted what it called "exclusive" photos, from a "very reliable source who confirmed [for] us many of the old rumors," of the Next iPhone's motherboard, complete with a brand-spanking-new quad-core A7 CPU.

"It's been a tough and long road but we finally made it here," said the original anonymous post, making it sound almost as if they'd manufactured the motherboard themselves by hand.

[IPHONEYS: The iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S edition]

Not long after the original post, the road got a lot tougher and a lot longer, when questions were raised about whether the photo was Photoshopped. IOSDoc has since retracted the story, admitting that the A7 rumor was a fake and wondering "how did we get into this situation."

Those who live by rumor, die by rumor.

They did come up with an answer to how they got into this situation: it was Apple's fault. "During this process we found out that Apple engineers are sometimes given some pieces of information through unofficial sources that are usually fake, but sometimes are true too," according to iOSDoc.

They can't quite seem to make up their minds about whether the rumor they posted really is more fake than the run-of-the mill rumor or not. "The engineer we got the photo from admitted that he received it through a company email....but according to him, some other engineers are being investigated because the information attached to the photo is real...." But they can't discount every other possibility, such as "it's possible that an Apple employee faked the photo by himself in order to make a prank."

Pranksters? Online? What does it say about the depths to which we have sunk when one can no longer trust rumors?

Here's the original All-too-Briefly Shining Former Marvel that promised so much, from the original post

The blurriness of the image heightens the sense of authenticity, not to mention intrigue. We can picture the nervous but very reliable source, glancing furtively over his shoulder amid a bustling Foxconn assembly plant manned by bleary-eyed laborers, as he hastily snaps what seems to be one, as in 1 as in single or solitary or unitary or unique, photograph, without apparently the benefit of an autofocus camera.

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