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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the period ending Feb. 27

Predictions for when Apple iPad 5 will emerge are all over the map

By , Network World
February 27, 2013 02:44 PM ET

Network World - The iOSphere resolutely ignored the Lessons of History and embraced, yet again, the conviction that iPad accessory manufacturers know what's really happening with the iPad 5 tablet computer.

And what's really happening is that it will be announced in June. Or September-October. Or April, or March. Sometime, for sure.

You read it here second.


"The launch of the iPad 4 last October angered people who'd bought the previous iPad which was on the market for just 7 months before being replaced. However, it looks like Apple will now repeat the trend with the [April announcement of] iPad 5 which is sure to insight [sic] further rage."

Simon Thomas,, pointing out the downside of a stock analyst's prediction of an April launch for iPad 5 - the next Apple-rage epidemic.


iPad 5 is due in June and it will be, like, different

A manufacturer of mobile accessories, for devices like the iPad, has revealed to Business Insider's Jay Yarrow that iPad 5 is due in June, and it will be smaller and lighter compared to the current fourth-generation tablet.

"Steven W of mobile accessory maker MiniSuit sent us a photo of an iPad 5 case, which he says his company is already manufacturing," Yarrow explains.

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Talk about optimism. You can see the already-being-manufactured case in this photo which of course speaks for itself, as all iOSsphere leaked photos do.

AppleBitch, among other sites, noted that "iPad 5" cases from various manufacturers are now available on the e-commerce site "The cases...have been engineered for an iPad with squarer edges than the current generation iPad." There's an "additional hole in the top center of the case, likely for a microphone, as well as slots for speakers positioned on either side of the Lightning connector instead of just on one side," according to AppleBitch.

Stevie Wonder, as we prefer to think of him, says MiniSuit "'heavily invests' in tips about future mobile products to get an advance on case making," according to Yarrow's post. And he also says "These leaks typically come from factories that we work closely with."

And these leaking factories must surely know the truth. So Yarrow's source says that his sources "have informed him the new iPad should be out in June."

"This sounds like a reasonable time frame if cases are already being manufactured," says Yarrow, without explaining how or why selling cases for a product that won't be available for four months indicates reasonably when that product will ship.

One would think, or at least hope, that the iOSphere might be a bit more skeptical about how third-party cases prefigure future iDevices. In mid-2011, there were widespread and repeated posts that third-party cases being rolled out by companies like Hard Candy showed a radical new thinner, tapered design for what was expected to be the iPhone 5, but was actually the outwardly-almost-unchanged iPhone 4S. So what happened?

As The Rollup noted in our October 2011 post, referencing an intriguing account by Bloomberg Businessweek, Hard Candy's CEO received details from three factories about the new design, and spent some $50,000 investing in equipment to create cases for the tapered model. His sources were simply wrong, though he remained convinced that the tapered design would show up in the Next iPhone, what came to be the "real" iPhone 5. Needless to say, those hopes were crushed again.

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