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iPhone 6 rumor round up for the week ending March 1

The telepathic iPhone, fan art fantasies, roaming LTE

By , Network World
March 01, 2013 12:01 AM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The iOSphere raised the word "intuitive" to new heights for the iPhone 6, seizing on an Apple patent that would introduce mind-reading to the mobile experience.

The iPhone will use sensor data to figure out what you want to do and then do it for you. All that's missing now is a quad-core morality processor to ensure that iPhone 6 does what's truly right for us.

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Also this week: fan art fantasies and the prospect of a global LTE iPhone roaming hither and yon, and free, free, free at last!

You read it here second.


"It just looks weird to me, like being born with a navel under your armpit."

John Brownlee, Cult of Mac, commenting perhaps too vividly on iPhone 6 fan art, the equivalent of visual rumors, that moved the home button from the front to the side of the iPhone.


iPhone 6 will read your mind

A new U.S. patent application by Apple reveals a system that gathers up sensor data on stuff like light and noise levels, temperature, pressure, movements, location, and probably the phases of the moon, hands it to the special "situational awareness module" for some algorithmic magic, and makes a sophisticated guess about what you want to do next you're your iPhone.

Then, instead of you having to press a button or an icon, swipe a setting, select from a drop-down list, and so on, iOS will have already done all that for you. This is what the patent and lots of bloggers and tech sites refer to as a "heightened user experience."

The idea is that the invention could predict "a user's operational desires," and then take action without the user having to do anything.

An IDG News Service story noted that the invention goes hand in glove with a mobile device's "hold switch," which ensures that "no accidental input takes place while [the device is] in a bag or pocket, for example. "Apple's invention could include an automatic hold feature that would switch between the input and hold modes based on the sensor output. For example, if the ambient light level surrounding the device is low, it's likely that the user has placed it in a pocket or bag, and therefore the auto hold feature would be activated."

At International Business Times, Kristin Dian Mariano quickly included the new invention in a story that otherwise recycled tried and true predictions that have been around for years in some cases. The situational awareness patent is one of the "Top 5 iPhone 6, 5S Features Confirmed by Apple's Patents."

Not implied, hinted, suggested, intimated or insinuated. Confirmed. Her other "top features" include no-blur photos, fingerprint sensor, laser projected keyboard, and "non-touch" wireless charging.

The full patent application, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week, is officially titled "Electronic device with automatic mode switching."

But that sounded pretty boring to the iOSsphere.

IPhone Canada's headline proclaimed the "intuitive iPhone," which sounds much better than the story's actual description of a "situational awareness handset." Apple Insider described future iPhones that would "anticipate user needs." The Android Guy blog sees it as "the patent to create thinking phones." 

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