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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Mar. 20

A special announcement event, wireless charging, summer madness

By , Network World
March 21, 2013 12:46 PM ET

Network World - God bless you Mr. (or Ms.) "Inside Source at Apple," who has revealed to the Chosen One that iPad 5, and more, will be announced June 29, complete with "original passion, new ideas."

Even if the rumor is wrong, which let's face it, is likely, it thrilled our hearts and prompted a tidal wave of page views and repetitive blog posts.

Also this week: a wireless charging patent application by Apple will surely bear fruit in the Next iPad; a counter-narrative promises the Next iPad later this summer; and more from the ongoing soap opera, "One Supply Chain to Manage."

Your read it here second.


"It should be noted that the [wireless charging iPad] patent was actually filed in Q3 2011, giving ample time for Apple to actually work on the technology. This raises our hopes to see some innovative feature like wireless charging on the iPad 5. That said, it's all still smoke."


iPad 5 to be announced June 29, with original passion, new ideas

This will be a "special releasing event," according to Matthew Lucas, in an "exclusive" post at Gizmorati

"This year Apple will celebrate six years since the release of the first iPhone, on June 29, 2007," he reveals, citing an "inside source from Apple (also confirmed by a third party)." Even better, we're getting a "twofer." No wonder this special event is being called "Original Passion, New Ideas."

Which, if true, must rank as the Lamest Marketing Slogan in Apple history, lamer even than "The most affordable digital hub just got better" used in 2004 for the then-eMac. (You can find what seems like an exhaustive, and exhausting, list of Apple slogans at this Wikipedia entry.) 

Granted, one can make a case that Apple CEO Tim Cook's middle name is Lame. But then anyone compared to the late Steve Jobs is bound to seem so. But "Original Passion, New Ideas" sounds more like something that IBM or Microsoft or Nokia or a candidate for U.S. president would think up.

But Lucas is high on believin' and doesn't shrink from telling us What This Means.

"I believe that a large part of Apple's success is due to the vision and popularity of Steve Jobs and after the recent disappointments like Apple Maps, AAPL stock price going down, weak sales (as TheVerge and Mashable reported) and Tim Cook's approval rating falling, the company is trying to reconquer the public and reassure the investors, showing that Jobs' passion and vision regarding Apple are still contemporary within the company."

That single sentence, which seems to never end, manages to encapsulate every scrap of conventional wisdom of the past 18 months. Part of Steve Jobs' vision was to hire really smart people (or at least people he considered to be really smart) and apparently give them wide latitude and authority to exercise their brains on behalf of the company he founded. Whatever the reasons for the fall in Apple's stock price, it's happening in spite of continued year-to-year growth, and often record growth, in unit sales, revenues and profits, all evidence that the public remains "conquered" and that nothing is going to "reassure" investors who think that good news is, in reality, bad news.

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