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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 22

Ballpoint pen UI, 3D/interactive/AR/Whizbang, The Killer Feature, wings

By , Network World
March 22, 2013 03:36 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - New technologies and patents sprouted everywhere this week, causing it seemed a thousand new iPhone 6 rumors to bloom, each more daring, or at least weird, than the one before.

Some thrilled at the prospect of being able use a ballpoint pen to write on the screen. Others at some not-very-well-understood video 3D augmented interactive synchronized something that would do something magical.

And let's not forget the mysterious Killer Feature that was foretold by a stock analyst. And finally, the vision of the Next iPhone, as it slipped from your fingers and plunged toward the concrete floor, suddenly sprouting wings and gently, gently landing. Our Precious.

You read it here second.


"More importantly, it'll be the first time in history that a user will be able to write on a[n iPhone] display using an ordinary pen or pencil for taking notes."


iPhone 6 will let you use a regular ole pen

One hundred twenty-five years after the first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued, Apple is about to give us a new use for all those vendor-labeled promotional pens you've thrown into your kitchen drawers and stuffed into old coffee mugs.

You'll be able to actually write on, not just touch, the iPhone 6 screen! Without needing some fancy-smancy "smartpen," let alone a "stylus."

It's hard to imagine a more thrilling advance in smartphone user interface technology, eh?

"Today we've heard further iPhone 6 possibilities, as there are reports that the phone will have a new display from Sharp that will recognize handwriting, not from a stylus, but from a standard pen," writes Mark Chubb at his PhonesReview website

What Chubb means by "today we've heard" is that he read a brief post at Patently Apple by Jack Purcher, who didn't mention "iPhone 6" or even "iPhone."

Purcher, in a post in comment, explained that this technology, from Japan's Sharp Corp., was unveiled in late 2012 and has now gone into production. Unfortunately, though Purcher posts a picture of a pen writing on a big display, he doesn't link to the actual "Asian report" he references in his original post.

The new technology "brings up to 8 times higher sensitivity to a capacitive touch panel," he writes. "A few of the advantages associated with the new display include being able to drastically reduce the display's thickness, allow users to operate their smart devices in the winter using gloves, and more importantly, it'll be the first time in history that a user will be able to write on a display using an ordinary pen or pencil for taking notes."

Think about it: The First Time in History.

"Whether Apple will use this display technology for their next generation iPhone 6 is unknown at this time," Purcher concludes, injecting a completely unnecessary dash of reality.

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