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10 Things BlackBerry Z10 Does That iPhone Can't

By Al Sacco, CIO
April 03, 2013 05:00 PM ET

CIO - The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10, is now available in the United States, and overall, it has been relatively well-received -- in North America and overseas. The device just went on sale last week, and U.S. wireless carriers have not yet released any official sales numbers. But if non-U.S. shipments during the first couple of months following the Z10's release are any indication, BlackBerry may see even more Z10 shipments than the million devices it moved it in the company's fiscal fourth quarter.

[ BACKGROUND: How BlackBerry recreated the mobile user experience with Z10 ]

One solid sign that the Z10 is getting some attention in the United States is the number of inquiries I'm currently receiving from readers, colleagues, co-workers, friends and family about the Z10. The inquiries usually go something like this: "You have the new BlackBerry, right? [Insert name of somebody they know here; Joe Schmo, for example] has one too, and he really likes it. But I don't know if I can switch from my iPhone. I'm due for an upgrade, but the new iPhone is coming out soon, and I might just play it safe. What can the new BlackBerry do that my iPhone can't?"

I hear from a lot of Android users, too, but more people I've spoken with use iPhones. So for the purpose of this article, I'm going to stick with a BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone comparison. Instead of repeating the same ol' spiel to everybody who asks about why they should buy the Z10 instead of a new iPhone, here's a quick list of things the Z10 can do that the iPhone can't.

Before I get started, I'll state that this post is in no way saying the BlackBerry Z10 is "better" than the iPhone. You should do a lot more research before buying a new phone than just reading one article.

With that said, here's a list of 10 BlackBerry Z10 features that you will not find in any iPhone.

(For more on the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, read my Z10 guide, which includes a review, tips, tricks, best apps and more.)

1) BlackBerry Z10's Mini HDMI Out, Standard Charging Ports

One of my single favorite features found in the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is the HDMI-out port, which lets you easily connect your device to any TV, monitor or display with an HDMI-in port. The HDMI support lets you watch HD video, stream music or share anything else on your device by mirroring its screen on your HD display. HDMI-out support is not an exclusive BlackBerry Z10 feature; a number of Android phones from Motorola have mini HDMI ports. But you won't see any such port on any Apple gadget.

Unlike any of Apple's products, the BlackBerry Z10 has standard charging ports. That means you can use any microUSB power cord or sync cable you may have on hand. And you get access to a larger number of third-party accessories that aren't necessary built just for the Z10 and, therefore, are often cheaper than Apple-specific cords and accessories.

2) BlackBerry 10 and TimeShift Camera

An awesome new camera feature in BlackBerry 10 is the TimeShift camera setting, which helps you capture better pictures of groups of people - particularly children, who may have trouble sitting still. TimeShift takes a rapid series of images and lets you isolate the faces of the subjects in your photos. You can then tap the faces in the picture and "fast forward" or "rewind" them to find the best facial expressions. TimeShift is unique to BlackBerry 10 - you won't find anything like it built into iOS or Android - and it works very well.

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