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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 10

Bezels, worker bees, chain-sawing prices, short-term memory

By , Network World
April 11, 2013 11:33 AM ET

Network World - The Third Law of Rumors says that the less you know, the more you can say. And the iOSphere this week swelled with iPad rumors that relied heavily on what people don't know.

Photos of the purported new iPad-mini-like iPad 5 front bezel were the basis of confident speculation about design cues and size. And one unconfirmed prediction that Apple's manufacturers would throw the switch on production runs starting in July or August was the basis of confident speculation about announcement dates.

An apparently brief, one-time cut in some iPad retail prices triggered a tidal wave of confident assurances that the cuts were being made to clear inventory and the Next iPad was sure to be announced really, really soon.

And finally, short-term memory loss let one Website recycle as new a six-week-old rumor that Apple will release the iPad 5 in April.

You read it here second.


"Back in February, we commissioned CiccareseDesign to create renderings of the fifth-generation iPad based on circulating rumors and leaks, and today's front bezel photos are indeed consistent with those renderings."

Eric Slivka, MacRumors, explaining that there's some kind of relationship between earlier fan art based on iPad 5 rumors and new unverified photos, from a "Chinese mole," purporting to be of the iPad 5's front casing, because they are indeed consistent.


iPad 5 front bezel revealed and it looks like the iPad mini ... only, you know, bigger

The French tech site NowhereElse published two photos that show, according to its anonymous "Chinese mole" (in French, "taupes Chinoise"), the redesigned bezel of a white iPad 5.

9to5Mac was one of many tech sites that picked up the posting, providing a link to the Google Translated version of the original French webpage

"Today we bring you probably the first concrete evidence that the production of the iPad 5 is actually launched! ... A picture that was sent to us by one of our moles Chinese may indeed be the first evidence the imminent release of the next iPad."

9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub seems persuaded that the French photos reinforce those received by Weintraub in January, purporting to show the back casing of the iPad 5, a casing nearly as thin as the iPad mini.

"We've had pretty strong inclinations since January that the next generation of iPad would take design queues [cues?] from the iPad mini," Weintraub says in his post. "Today publishes two images of what could be the bezel of the new full-sized iPad 5. Note that the side edges are narrower than current models which could facilitate a smaller device with the same screensize."

But Apple's announced approach is to make products better, not different. So it's not clear how an overall smaller iPad, with the same 9.7-inch screen, would be better, unless the smaller size led to lighter weight. But Apple increased the size of iPhone 5, to 4.87 inches long vs. 4.5 inches long for iPhone 4S and still significantly reduced its weight, to 3.95 ounces vs. 4.9 ounces for the 4S, and its thickness, to 0.30 inches vs. 0.38 inches for the older model.

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