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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending May 1

Rectangularity and rear sheels, cheapening iPad mini, resetting dates

By , Network World
May 01, 2013 05:16 PM ET

Network World - The truth is out there, in blurry, "leaked" photos of the iPad 5 rear shell, which is just the right size for the compost pile of iOSphere rumors. One thing seems certain: iPad 5 will be rectangular.

Also this week, the cheap iPad, the iPad mini, will get even cheaper because Android is eating Apple’s lunch even though the Android tablet vendors seem locked in a death spiral of declining margins. The iOSsphere resets announcement date rumors after Tim Cook speaks. And what the movement of human capital reveals about iPad 5.

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You read it here second.

“[Stock analyst] Kuo does not believe that such a device [a cheaper version of the iPad mini] would offer a significant boost to Apple's overall iPad sales, but it could help stave off erosion at the low end of the market at the hands of cheaper Android-based tablets.”
Eric Slivka, MacRumors, describing why a cheaper iPad mini would be a winning strategy for Apple, even though the company doesn’t actually win anything by adopting it.

iPad 5’s “leaked” rear shells proves it, too, will be rectangular

The mobile accessories manufacturer Tactus is on a roll. Their most recent revelation on the company blog is one rather blurry photo, obscured even more by the application of an annoyingly intrusive watermark pattern, of what it claims is the “iPad 5 rear shell.”

If you blow the photo up far enough, you can see that you’re looking at the interior of the shell, not the exterior surface.

For comparison purposes, here is the fourth-generation iPad’s interior rear case, (in lower right quadrant of this picture) from iFixit’s teardown of the tablet in fall 2012. 1

As can be seen, they are, you know, different. One looks like an actual product, because it is; the other looks like…well, something you’d see on a third-party mobile accessories vendor’s chatty blog, trying to drum up eyeballs.

“What do you think of this one?” asks the anonymous Tactus blogger. “I’m all intrigued as to what this shows us! Maybe you can take a few guesses about what this photo means the device in question will look like?”

We’ll give it a go: it’s clear from the photograph that the Next iPad is going to be rectangular. Or as Tactus might say, rectactangular.

“Or maybe like me you’re not a big fan of the suspense, and you just want to know as much as you can…,” Tactus the Tease teases. “Well who am I to leave you waiting?”

What follows has nothing to do with the purported case or what it might reveal, but simply a compost heap of some long-standing, widely circulated rumors: the mythical A7X Apple-designed processor, thinner bezels, a “retina resolution screen” (not much of a rumor since both the third- and fourth-generation iPads have it), “the form factor of the recently released iPad mini,” and “great news” in the form of a IGZO display.

“Apple are finally supposed to be using IGZO displays with their retina resolution screen, which means a thinner iPad is definitely on the cards,” Tactus breathlessly declares. “IGZO displays use up to 90% less power than previous generation iPad displays, which means a smaller battery that reduces the overall weight and thickness.”

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