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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending May 10

Popping inventory, Apple’s secret factories, June madness

By , Network World
May 10, 2013 12:19 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - An unstable hot air mass troubled the iOSphere this week, the sky blackened by contradictory rumors, sometimes in the same blog post.

There was even confusion over whether the words “4G iPhone 6” referred to the Next iPhone or the Current iPhone.

Also this week: the audacious made-before-your-very-eyes rumor that Apple is building its own overseas assembly plants; the supply chain is ahead of schedule and behind schedule so that means a June or perhaps later release date for iPhone 6; and Sharp is ramping up to mass produce iPhone 5S screens in June even though it dropped Apple as a customer in January.

You read it here second.

“The curiously conflicting comments from the factories [of Apple’s OEM partners], which don’t line up with known sales figures and inventory availability, only make sense if Apple is quietly but broadly pulling its manufacturing orders from its longtime partners in favor of building its own factories.”
Will Stabley,, showing what can be accomplished when one pretends that comments and figures are based on facts instead of on rumors.

iPhone 6 “pops up in carrier system”

Yet another rumor that promises more than it delivers.

The headline at GottaBeMobile reads in full: “iPhone 6 Pops Up in Carrier System, But Far From Release.” 

Which certainly implies that, you know, someone saw and identified an iPhone 6.

In fact, what allegedly “popped up” were the words “4G iPhone 6” on what was variously called (sometimes in the same online posting) an inventory list, a product list, a “till system,” a computer system, or perhaps all the above, of British mobile carrier Vodafone.

“A Vodafone employee reportedly snapped the photo of the computer system showing an entry for the “4G iPhone 6″ mixed in with what appear to be plans and other device listings,” explains Josh Smith.

The photo was originally published by 

“Stuff has received a spy shot of a UK mobile operator's till system which lists '4G iPhone 6' on a product list,” the website announced. Here’s the current version of the spy shot, with some previously visible portions blurred out.

“The photo was snapped at a UK operator store and strongly suggests that Apple will be skipping the 5S moniker and jumping straight to the iPhone 6, meaning we could be in for some drastic changes from the Apple camp,” Stuff announces breathlessly. Because the iPhone 5S is just, in the phrase a la mode, a “spec bump” whereas the iPhone 6 will be a Huge Step Forward.

But by this time, GottaBeMobile’s Josh Smith is busily trying to convince readers of his post that actually there’s nothing to the rumor, because the term “iPhone 6” doesn’t refer to a new iPhone at all.

“The simpler explanation for the iPhone 6 showing up in Vodafone’s system is that this may be a listing for the [existing] iPhone 5,” he reveals. “The iPhone 5 is actually the sixth iPhone, so it could potentially carry the iPhone 6 name on an internal system that is never meant to see the light of day.”

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