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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending May 16

Latest Apple iPad 5 scuttlebutt: Leaking, amoeba rumors, release rush, iPadiGlasses

By , Network World
May 16, 2013 05:08 PM ET

Network World - Even before summer, the iOSphere languishes in the iPad rumor doldrums, apparently having exhausted itself with hopes for a Retina display iPad mini 2, and the A7 chip for the iPad 5. But there is hope: The Rollup uncovered the radical iPadiGlasses, in an exclusive report.

Also this week, fan art along with leaked specifications that sound utterly familiar ooze into the iOSphere to reveal the iPad mini 2; the same rumor, through iOSphere mitosis, subdivides into a new rumor about the A7 for iPad mini 2; and both Next iPads will be rushed to release because of the ongoing fall in product sales for the current ones.

You read it here second ... except for the iPadiGlasses.


"There are some clear improvements here over the existing iPad mini that should make this a no brainer upgrade for most existing owners."


iPad mini 2 revealed in fan art and "leaked" specifications

With so little else happening rumor-wise, the iOSphere seized on a post from the Dutch website MobiLeaks, which revealed the iPad mini 2.

This "information" is based on 1) "a detailed render of [from] our tipster," meaning a piece of Photoshopped fan art; and 2) "a list of some specifications" which were "received," meaning copied and pasted from other rumors circulating for months. Confusingly, the post doesn't make clear whether both art and list are from the same "tipster" or different sources.

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Here's the fan art which shows, essentially, the same iPad mini you have today except with a nearly non-existent side bezel to left and right. And it's 0.2 millimeters thicker.

According to Adnan Farooqui, posting at Ubergizmo, "The person who created this render claims to have based it on the information received about the design of iPad mini's successor." In fact, no such claim is made or even hinted at by MobiLeaks.

The purportedly revelatory list of specifications includes the by-now-familiar stuff: 7.9-inch 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina display, 324 pixels per inch, A6X chip (unless it turns out to be the A7 chip), 8 megapixel front camera and so on.

"More iPad mini 2 specs and renders have leaked on a Dutch website, showing off a retina display," according to Clare Hopping's breathless post at TheFullSignal

Hopping's post reflects the persistent, almost willful misunderstanding of what "leak" means in journalism or even bloggerism. To cite the Wikipedia reference: "A news leak is a disclosure of embargoed information in advance of its official release, or the unsanctioned release of confidential information." In other words, it's someone who knows actually knows something, telling someone else about it.

Or you can just pretend that an utterly unfounded rumor is a leak, which is that Matthew Humphries does at "There are some clear improvements here over the existing iPad mini that should make this a no brainer upgrade for most existing owners. The display remains the same size, but has increased its resolution to match that of its big brother. Apparently we're also going to see the processor upgraded from the dual-core A5 to an A6X chip, which is necessary to handle that higher resolution display. Both cameras are also getting a healthy upgrade from the current 5MP and 1.2MP parts."

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