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OMG KLP - Rumor outs purported details of Android 5.0

Plus, Samsung going heavy metal but light on the updates, Google Glass gets torn up

By , Network World
June 13, 2013 04:55 PM ET

Network World - The Android world is in a weird place, as far as version 5.0 or (supposedly) Key Lime Pie is concerned. After whiffing mightily on our confident predictions that it would be rolled out during Google I/O, we've been antsy for new information but understandably gun-shy about prognosticating.

Fortunately, however, the indomitable people over at VR-Zone have stepped up to the plate, reporting that Android 5.0 is coming in October, which will coincide with the supposed release date for the Moto X and an unnamed Nexus device.

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The other piece of information that publication reported is that Android 5.0 will be an “optimized” OS – meaning that it will run well even on older phones with as little as 512MB of RAM. (Hopefully, this will help carriers get it out the door and onto everyone's phone more quickly.)

While the fact that VR-Zone's report cites only anonymous sources – and doesn't really even give a sense of why they might be in a position to know anything, only that we’re talking about “insiders” - argues strongly for not taking it as gospel, an October launch makes as much sense as anything else, I suppose.

But I'm skeptical of the Moto X release window as supporting evidence – I haven't heard anything about the X being a Nexus device, so unless Google's going to shake up the way Motorola uses its operating system, I don't really get what one thing has to do with the other.

Still, whenever it comes out, the idea of Key Lime Pie being heavily optimized for performance is a pleasing one. While the underlying Android platform itself isn't generally guilty of this, vendor skins tend to focus on adding dumb new features, regardless of the performance cost. So a move in the direction of efficient, slimmed-down code from Google is very welcome, and could help offset some of the more egregiously clunky OEM software additions.

(Hat tip: Android Guys)


Catwig has a really, really interesting teardown of Google Glass that I highly suggest you go and read.

image alt text

A 640x360 screen resolution doesn't sound very impressive until you remember that it's coming from a display the size of a rice grain. “The pixels are roughly 1/8th the physical width of those on the iPhone 5's retina display,” writes Catwig.


A snippy online war between Samsung fanboys and detractors, centered on the company's continued use of all-plastic designs, has seen a major shift this week with rumors that the next Galaxy flagship phone will be made of aluminum instead of polycarbonate.

According to Android Geeks, they have a – wait for it – anonymous source telling them that the Galaxy S5 will be created under a new “Design 3.0” concept at Samsung – which apparently entails metal construction.

The sniping over Samsung's devotion to plastic is often intensely childish and stupid, but, for the sake of completenes, here it is in a nutshell: The haters say all Samsung's gear “feels” cheap and low-grade because it's all plastic, and metal and glass are superior materials in every way; ;he fans say there's absolutely no difference and actually Samsung's devices “feel” better than others anyway. The fact that this is at least partially a matter of preference seems to be totally lost on both sides.

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