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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending July 11

September splendor, iPad mini 2 delay, to Retina or not

By , Network World
July 12, 2013 10:31 AM ET

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But if, as DigiTimes says, Apple is expected to greenlight mass production in late July or early August, there would be at best eight and at worst four weeks of high volume manufacturing before a September tablet release, not counting units created during a preceding “pilot” production phase.

iPad 5, iPad mini 2, and iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will be announced at one September event

Talk about Epic.

This rumor seems to have resulted from the iOSphere’s mutant version of deductive reasoning, in this case applied by Kristin Dian Mariano, of International Business Times.

The headline to her post, declares the conclusion: “Apple may release all its devices in September in one launching event.”

She begins: “A new rumour emerged claiming that Apple is set to release its iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 in one big event in September.” This is ingenuous, since Mariano seems to be the one starting this very rumor.

“This [rumor] came from previous reports that all devices are speculated to be released in Fall,” she continues.

But then the “reports” became more specific. “A wide array of separate reports claimed that the flagship phone and tablet of the company will be released in September,” she explains helpfully. She doesn’t link or cite any of these reports, which are clearly nothing more than the unfounded rumors and speculation that have been rife in the iOSphere for months. And none of them, according to what we can tell, ever suggested Apple would announce all four or five new mobile products at one event.

So there’s no basis for this rumor in reasoning; no basis for it in any credible, let alone substantiated, facts; and no basis for it in Apple’s practice. iPhone and iPad represent two separate classes of product, each with separate design and production processes and schedules. It’s not impossible for them to coincide but it’s rather like a rare astronomical event, say the red dwarf star Ross 248 passing within 3.024 light years of Earth, 36,000 years from now to become for a while the closest star to the Sun.

The IBT post also mentions that the iPad 5, which a “wide array of separate reports” for the better part of a year have claimed will have iPad mini-like narrow bezels, actually will have “no bezels.”

iPad mini 2, whenever it comes, will have Retina display…or not

And the latest beta release of iOS 7 has a change that might argue against the higher resolution for the 2013 iPad mini 2.

MobileMag somehow interprets the previously mentioned DigiTimes story – which cites supply chain sources claiming that Apple still hasn’t decided whether to give iPad Mini 2 a Retina display – as indicating that it “might” do exactly that.

The Retina display is such a must-have feature, that MobileMag’s Leo Xavier reads the DigiTimes rumor as proving that Apple will “delay” the iPad mini 2 in order to ensure it has that higher resolution screen.

“We are not expecting Apple to release the iPad Mini 2 with a lower resolution display, which has turned many customers away from the current iPad Mini,” pontificates Xavier in a post that doesn’t even attempt to explain how he knows that “many” have turned away from the current iPad mini because of its non-Retina display. “So it might be safe to believe in a delayed launch for the upcoming tablet.”

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