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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending July 30

Apple iPad 5 rumor include: Fingerprint match, fan art, GoFigure2 displays

By , Network World
July 31, 2013 12:04 PM ET

Network World - Delving into the depths of the iOS 7 beta code revealed that, finally at last thank heavens, Apple really and truly will bring a FingerPrint Sensor to iPad 5 as well as iPhone 6.

Users will be able to lock and unlock their device by pressing their thumb pad against the home button with an embedded scanner. And what a wonder that will be.

Also this week: “mock-ups” of the Next iPad based on previously disclosed but unsubstantiated “schematics;” and more assurances that iPad 5 will use a glass-film display such as the one used on the current iPad mini.

You read it here second.

Here you’ll find the iPad 5th generation mock-up (we can’t be clear enough at this point that this isn’t the real deal, it’s just an artist rendering) to take on a form not unlike the iPad mini.

iPad 5 will have fingerprint sensor in home button

The latest beta release of Apple’s iOS 7 firmware has revealed what many believe is conclusive evidence that the next iPad, and iPhone, will incorporate a fingerprint sensor into the device’s home button.

Which is a profound disappointment for those who have clung and no doubt still cling to the conviction that Apple must or should eliminate the home button entirely.

[IPHONEYS: The iPhone 6 edition]

The evidence is some code strings in the beta software, sent to 9to5Mac, and then posted via Twitter, by Hamza Sood @hamzasood who found them in the beta 4 release of iOS 7. Marc Gurman posted the information at 9to5Mac

You can find the full details in our coverage, “Latest iOS 7 beta reveals possible fingerprint sensor for iDevices.” 

A separate source told Gurman that the “user-interface for the fingerprint scanning system has been complete[d]. This person also says that the technology is focused around unlocking the phone, so it is unclear if it is built for a payment system (as rumored) in the next iPhone.”

The fingerprint scanner has been enthusiastically predicted for at least 12 months, ever since Apple acquired Florida-based AuthenTec in July 2012 for $326 million. The company specialized in a range of mobile security products and technologies apart from, and in tandem with, its fingerprint scanner. The real question, to which Gurman alluded, is whether Apple intends the scanner mainly as a device lock or as the foundation for a range of new or expanded secure services in the future, including mobile payments.

iPad 5 revealed by fan artist working with “leaked” – rumored – specifications

Slashgear’s Chris Burns is excited, because the iPad 5 “appears to be aiming for a whole new form factor.”

“What we’re seeing this afternoon is a series of mock-ups of this new device based on previous specification sheets leaked several weeks ago,” he reveals to his readers. “In short – this device is not just short, but thin and a bit smaller around the edges, too.”

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