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5 ways devops can benefit IT

Devops advocates say the IT methodology can improve application quality, speed deployment, and drive revenue

By , Network World
September 19, 2013 01:05 PM ET

Network World - Is devops on your IT radar? You're not alone.

Getting the people responsible for creating applications to work more closely with the people who keep those applications running is the impetus behind devops, an IT methodology that’s generating buzz. Proponents of the approach say it can improve application quality, speed deployment, boost the end-user experience, and even drive revenue growth.

Beyond the business benefits, there are personal benefits to be gained, too. Devops offers opportunities for career advancement to IT pros in traditional infrastructure roles who can parlay their operations experience into hybrid devops positions.

Legacy processes won’t cut it in today’s world, where companies are under pressure to deliver high quality applications at a near continuous pace, says Shridhar Mittal, general manager, application delivery, at CA Technologies.

“Devops is about a new set of methodologies and processes that are technology-driven and technology-enabled and that allow companies with high levels of complexity to be able to deliver applications faster, with far superior quality, and even with lower budgets,” Mittal says.

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CA is the sponsor of a new study, which found respondents almost universally agree that there’s a need for devops. Vanson Bourne conducted the survey of 1,300 senior IT professionals in 21 countries on behalf of CA, and the results have been published in a paper, “TechInsights Reports: What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps.” 


Survey respondents identified specific benefits associated with devops adoption. Namely:

1. Speed. Respondents who credit devops with speeding IT timetables say they’ve seen a 20% reduction in time-to-market for their software/services.

2. Quality improvements. Respondents who credit devops with bettering application delivery say they’ve seen a 22% improvement in the quality of deployed applications.

3. Greater customer satisfaction. Devops adopters point to increased numbers of customers using their software/services (+22%) as a result of their organization’s devops implementation. In addition, respondents cite a 21% improvement in delivering new software/services that would otherwise not be possible/explored.

4. Revenue growth. Some respondents cite measurable financial benefits associated with devops, leading to a 19% gain in revenue. In a related metric, adopters also attribute an 18% reduction in spending on development and operations to devops success.

5. More collaboration. On the communications front, devops adopters cite a 23% increase in collaboration between departments.

Make way for devops

Contentiousness between development and operations is no new phenomenon. Developers are under pressure to get projects out the door, and the operations team bears the burden of supporting a faster delivery cycle while maintaining high availability. Industry buzz touts devops as a means of getting the two sides to work more closely together, and awareness is rising.

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