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Planning for SDN

By , Network World
September 24, 2013 01:15 PM ET

Network World - The Software Defined Networking movement is in its awkward adolescence, changing shape as it grows.  In this Network World Spotlight special digital issue we catch you up on the status of the movement and begin to lay out how you get there from here, examining basic planning, what to look for in an SDN controller, and discussing what the Open Networking Foundation hopes to achieve with its new Migration Group. Contents include:

* Where we stand. A look at where the SDN movement stands today, understanding the different approaches emerging, and analyzing likely steps forward.

* Planning for SDN.
No reasonable person would claim to know how SDN and network virtualization will evolve over the next several years, but there is no doubt these emerging technologies will have a significant impact. You need to plan now for how you will evaluate and possibly implement these new approaches to networking.

* What to look for in an SDN controller.
If you are going to centralize control of your network in an SDN controller, you better know how to differentiate one from another. A look at core considerations to examine.

* Q&A:  Chair of the Open Network Foundation’s Migration Group
An inside look at the goals, expectations and plans of the ONF’s recently created Migration Group and how it hopes to help companies make the transition to SDN.

Download the special report by going here.

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