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Turns out pretty much everybody is cheating on Android benchmarking tests

Shameful stuff from some of the biggest names, plus further skullduggery from Samsung, possible specs for the Nexus 5

By , Network World
October 04, 2013 08:54 AM ET

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(H/T: GSMArena)


I suspect I’m not alone in my hatred of apps that push ads to the notification bar in Android, which means I’m likely not the only one celebrating Google’s recent move to ban this and several other irritating advertising practices from apps offered through the Play Store.

Also included in the crackdown, according to a detailed analysis from Android Police, are tougher restrictions on hate speech, stricter rules about impersonating other developers or applications, and a ban on adding new shortcuts or bookmarks to a user’s device.

Go read it, it’s all good news. The announcement was made in late August, but the changes went into effect last weekend.

(H/T: Android Headlines)


Remember how hyped up everyone got over Chromecast? Adriana Lee over at ReadWrite has a good piece about the promising TV dongle and the continuing delays in bringing it to a mass audience.


Finally, a site called Gadget Helpline (whose site appears to have collapsed under the weight of interest) has what it says is an exclusive preview of Android 4.4 “KitKat.” But it looks like Key Lime Pie for some reason, complete with icon. Android Authority, fortunately, has re-hosted the images and offered partial explanations – as well as a biggish grain of salt – about the leak.

Android Authority posits that this is an older version of 4.4, and that the Key Lime Pie name was used internally to prevent leaks to the press. (That sure worked well.) If this is an old variant, I’d say it suggests that the KitKat naming deal happened further along in the process, but I’m just speculating.

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