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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 6

iOSphere recycling iPhone 5S rumors for iPhone 6

By , Network World
October 07, 2013 02:38 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The eco-friendly iOSsphere has already begun recycling lapsed iPhone 5S rumors for the iPhone 6. There's a comforting familiarity to it all.

Bloggers are so confident about what they know of iPhone 6 that they are advising you to forget about buying the iPhone 5S. Among other things it’s sure to have a better and, of course, bigger display. And that display will display a radial screen menu. Not that it matters, really, but Apple finally may be getting rid of Samsung as its processor supplier.

You read it here second.

For Apple fans who are in a dilemma -- deciding whether to go for the iPhone 5S or wait for the iPhone 6 -- here are 5 reasons why they should wait for the next handset iteration and not settle for the current flagship smartphone by the company.

iPhone 6 will be so good, you should cancel plans to buy iPhone 5S and just wait

Apparently many people are in a dilemma: They don’t know whether to buy the iPhone 5S or wait anywhere from four to 12 months for the iPhone 6. Sachin Trivedi, at International Business Times, has it all figured out and offers “5 reasons why they should wait for the next handset iteration.”

It’s not clear how many people are in this dilemma, since it’s being reported that in the past month, iPhone 5S became the number one-selling smartphone on all four major American carriers; and the 5C was either number 2 or number 3.

“Perhaps the biggest feature on the current iPhone 5S is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner,” Trivedi writes. “The [same] feature is expected in the iPhone 6....” But since it’s already in the 5S, isn’t that a reason to buy the 5S?

Other “expected” improvements that are so compelling you should not buy an iPhone today are:  a quad-core processor, more RAM, the mythical still-larger screen, and a still-more-improved camera.

Finally, and this is our favorite of the five reasons for not buying the 5S, the Gold Issue. “Given the huge popularity of the gold colour, Apple may launch new variants of the gold colour in the iPhone 6,” Trivedi writes. “The company will need to outdo the gold pink colour offering by Samsung.…”

The logic here is a bit difficult to follow. But, having said that, outdoing the Samsung gold pink color cannot happen too soon.

iPhone 6 will have LTPS display technology and a bigger screen

GottaBeMobile’s Josh Smith, posting about a “report” at Korea’s ETNews, assures his readers, that “Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not sold on current screen technology for larger, higher resolution displays, but reports indicate Apple is experimenting with screens between 4.8 and 6 inches in size for the iPhone 6.”

He links to a confusing English translation of the original Korean post on the ETNews site. But there’s very little to it. “iPhone 5 increased the display size from 3.5 inch to 4 inch and its next version is sure to come with a bigger display at least 5 inch,” according to the ETNews post. “The fact that display makers recently embarked on increasing their high-definition LCD production capacities for smartphone supports such observation.”

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