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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 11

Phabulous phablet, slightly arched, launch date(s)

By , Network World
October 11, 2013 10:00 AM ET

Network World - Unsubstantiated opinions about the size of iPhone 6 were transmogrified into “solid reports” by iOSpherians who think rumors are information.

Several analysts this week offered their opinion that iPhone 6 will have a bigger-than-4-inch screen, with three or four or more estimates of what “bigger” would mean. Predictably, the iOSphere seized on the opinions as proof that this is indeed what Apple plans to do.

Also this week, expectations of slightly arched iPhone 6 screens, and apparently, matching batteries; and definite agreement on when iPhone 6 will be announced: in March 2014, or by June, or next September. Sometime.

[LOOK BACK: 5 years ago they said the iPhone would flop]

You read it here second.


“[I]t’s hard to ignore the fact that just about every iPhone 6 rumor has pointed to a larger display.”

Adam Mills, at GottaBeMobile, who himself blithely ignores 1) all the previous rumors that the iPhone 5S also would have a larger screen and 2) the basis of the current rumors, which at present is almost non-existent.


iPhone 6 will have a phabulous phablet fat display

Supply chain gossip is the basis for a new and, to some, convincing spate of rumors that Apple finally at last hallelujah will introduce one or two new iPhone models with bigger-than-4-inch displays in 2014, and BGR’s Zach Epstein is all in.

In a post on Monday, Epstein referenced a research note, also known as an “opinion,” by Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies & Co.

Here’s what Epstein quoted: “Despite still seeing risk to CQ4 and FY13 revs, we now believe better [gross margins] will allow Apple to skate by until iPhone 6 launches with its 4.8″ screen. We est 50% of smartphone shipments have >4″ screens and that iPhone 6 will catalyze a large upgrade cycle.”

In other words, “I think Apple will announce a 4.8-inch iPhone and sell a ton of ‘em.” According to Epstein, Misek’s latest opinion “adds fuel to earlier reports from The Wall Street Journal and plugged-in KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo” about the bigger-screened iPhone.

But there’s more. “Now, just one day later, another solid report suggests Apple’s next flagship iPhone will indeed feature a bigger display,” Epstein rather breathlessly reveals in a second post.

The solid report is actually a rather sketchy blog post by David Hsieh, an analyst with DisplaySearch, a firm that tracks display vendors and technology.

Hsieh’s basic point is that Apple once led in mobile displays, but today rivals offer phones and tablets that have more advanced display technology. Here’s what he says: “…rapid developments in technology and manufacturing of LCD and OLED displays have challenged Apple’s leadership in display adoption. Apple is no longer able to offer unique features in its displays as a long-term differentiator….. Introduction of the iPhone 5S and 5C was the latest example that Apple has been slow in adopting the latest display technologies. While 5-6” FHD [full HD, at 1920 x 1080] resolution displays are rapidly growing in the smart phone market, the iPhone has stayed with the 4” 1136×640 screen for over a year and a half.”

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