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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 15

Fingerprinting, fools' gold and grey, pixel madness

By , Network World
October 16, 2013 10:20 AM ET

Network World - The wait for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 seems nearly over. This week, Apple sent out press invitations for a San Francisco event Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

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It didn’t say what the event is about, but the iOSphere is widely, and even wildly, expecting that Apple will announce the Next iPads, and perhaps news regarding the OS X Mavericks release and the previously previewed new Mac Pro

Rumors continued unabated concerning the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, screen sizes and resolutions, timing, multiple new models, and whether they will gleam in golden splendor.

You read it here second.  

As with most leaked images, this was blurry and only shows a small corner of what is claimed to be the unannounced Apple tablet.

iPad 5 will have Touch ID built into the home button

This rumor is based in part on a “leaked” photograph purportedly showing the iPad 5 with what is fondly believed to be the Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated with the iconic Apple home button.

Slashgear was one of the many sites reporting exactly this. “The image shows a large-screen device with a Touch ID sensor looking very much like the one on the iPhone 5S in place of the traditional iPad home button,” according to Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun.

“As with most leaked images, this was blurry and only shows a small corner of what is claimed to be the unannounced Apple tablet,” McGlaun writes.

That qualifies as understatement. Here’s the photo, originally from the Chinese language site You need more than a magnifying glass to believe this is Touch ID: you need a certain willing suspension of disbelief.

CTech earlier this month posted two photos that the website claimed showed the flex cable for the new home button with Touch ID scanner.

BGR’s Zach Epstein called the photos “the most solid piece of evidence to date” because “According to the [CTech], the connector has been completely redesigned and it is very similar to the cable in the iPhone 5s,” Epstein assures his readers.

As it happens, we can compare the flex cable in the CTech photo, as posted by Epstein, with the photo by iFixit of the actual iPhone 5S home button/Secure ID flex cable. 

If you drink a couple of beers, half-close your eyes, and then cross them, and put on sunglasses, these two components undoubtedly will look “very similar.”

Having said all that, the most solid piece of evidence for an iPad Touch ID is, simply, that Apple has already introduced it in the new iPhone 5S.

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 will dazzle in fools’ gold

More “leaked” photos showed the burnished glow of gold iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 housings, as Adnan Farooqui breathlessly revealed at Ubergizmo

“The question everyone had in their minds after the iPhone was announced was that if the company will offer gold as a color option for its next generation iPads,” he declares.

That question must have slipped past The Rollup, to be honest, in favor of questions about the Retina display for iPad mini, or what processor Apple would use. Stuff like that.

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