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CIO at Waste Management Wears Many Hats

By Puneet Bhasin, CIO
October 30, 2013 07:35 PM ET

CIO - My role is somewhat atypical for a CIO. In addition to managing IT, I also run our WM Logistics subsidiary and manage our Strategic Accounts business unit, and I'm responsible for customer service across our 20 call centers.

When I joined Waste Management three years ago, two things appealed to me: It was a large, Fortune 200 company with tremendous potential to use technology to drive efficiency and increase revenue through an enhanced product portfolio, and it's a green company that considers itself a steward of our environment.

Shortly after I joined, I realized that, fundamentally, this wasn't a garbage company but a logistics company. Like FedEx or UPS, we are in the business of picking up and dropping off packages--it just so happens that our package is garbage and recyclables. From my previous work at American Airlines and Ryder, I realized we could use logistics capabilities in many parts of our business. So one of the first things we did was set up a decision sciences group, which has three charters: routing, scheduling and operations research; industrial engineering; and sophisticated data analytics.

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