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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Dec. 20

Dueling dates, big-screen yawn, the Walmart Clue

By , Network World
December 20, 2013 05:04 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The iOSphere was riven by controversy as "experts" dueled on iPhone 6 announcement dates. The fact that it was a phony controversy only made it more intolerable.

And could it be that a bigger-than-4-inch display would not set the world on fire? What villainy is this?

And those holiday iPhone 5s and 5C discounts? There’s a Far Deeper Significance to them.

You read it here second.

Analysts think [Apple] investors will look beyond near-term quarterly beats and start asking ‘what’s next?’, and analysts at JPM [J.P. Morgan Equity Research] do not know what is next.

iPhone 6 will be announced in June or July 2014

Or as the headline for Tyler Lee’s post at Ubergizmo puts it, “iPhone 6 Predicted To Launch Mid 2014, According To Analyst.”

The actual source for Lee’s post, and for many other Internet posts, was a new “research note” from Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Mehdi Hosseini, a note that was actually about flash memory maker SanDisk. Kevin Shalvey at Investor’s Business Daily may have been among the first to pick up on the note. 

Hosseini thinks that SanDisk will benefit from various smartphone trends, including the rising smartphone market in China and the Next iPhone. SandDisk apparently became an Apple supplier for the 2012 iPhone 5

According to the IBD post, Hosseini’s research note includes several rather vague generalities about what Apple “is expected” to do. The use of “is expected” or “is likely” is an iOSphere convention that is used to deflect attention from a severe paucity of facts. The conventions create the impression that there is an expert, or at least an informed, consensus based on some kind analysis. In almost every case, that’s not the case.

Here’s how Shalvey puts it: “Apple is expected to introduce its next iPhone, possibly named the iPhone 6, in June or July 2014. It's ‘actually expected to be a more meaningful product refresh’ than the two iPhone versions launched in 2013, according to Hosseini. ‘Although there is no color yet on the iPhone 6 specs, our recent checks in Taiwan and Korea suggest Apple has already begun negotiating with its memory suppliers to secure capacities.’”

As a basis for, you know, knowledge, these sentences are useless. A “more meaningful product refresh” apparently means “more visible changes that even an idiot could see compared to what was in the last phone.” It sidesteps the question of whether Apple intends the Next iPhone to be a refresh of the product line or a distinct separate product, for example, adding a bigger-than-four-inch-display iPhone while still offering the four-inch-display iPhone.

The closest Hosseini comes to evidence is the “suggestion” that Apple has “already begun negotiating” with memory suppliers. But negotiating about what? And about which Apple products? And for what product-release timeframe? He doesn’t say; he may not know.

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