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Venture capitalist proposes California 2.0, a plan for six new states

Tim Draper says Silicon Valley needs a government that is more tech savvy

By , IDG News Service
December 23, 2013 08:21 PM ET

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Under Draper's proposal, the six new states would be called Jefferson, Silicon Valley, North California, Central California, West California and South California.

The proposal includes a provision that centers on one of Silicon Valley's basic tenants: Competition is good.

The breakup of the state wouldn't happen until at least 2018 and would require an act of Congress. Before that time, residents of each county could vote to redraw the proposed boundaries so their county could join a different state from the one Draper is prescribing, "thereby creating competition in proposed governance which will lead to better and more responsive governance."

While Draper's chances of realizing his vision might be slim, the plan will almost certainly serve to continue the debate about the power of the technology industry and how it interacts and is regulated by government.

Draper is probably hoping for support from the tech community for his plan. He first disclosed it to TechCrunch, a website that tracks Silicon Valley startups, and Monday's news conference wasn't in one of the state's major cities but in San Mateo, close to the heart of Silicon Valley.

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