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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 10

Metal mystery frame, 6 mm, 8 mp, and Pegatron 50-50

By , Network World
January 10, 2014 02:22 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The cold gripping much of the U.S. this week was absent from the iOSphere which steamed with speculation over a mysterious metal frame that revealed Important Details of the iPhone 6.

The heat edged still higher with a New Report that the next iPhone would be 6 mm thick; that Apple might refuse to upgrade the phone’s camera from 8 to 13 megapixels; and that Pegatron was building a huge new plant in China where its worker bees would crank out half of all future iPhone 6’s, even though no one explained why that would matter.

You read it here second.

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There is no way of being sure that this is indeed iPhone 6′s metal housing, but China is definitely the way to look for accurate Apple related leaks and rumors.

iPhone 6 phablet is revealed in leaked photos of metal frame

Photos appearing on a Chinese website were copied throughout the iOSphere, even as the copiers often solemnly acknowledged that there was no way of knowing whether the photos actually showed anything to do with an iPhone.

Here’s one of the two photos being replicated. 

One line of postings started with Vlad Andrici at a site called GForGames, who assured his readers that “There is no way of being sure that this is indeed iPhone 6′s metal housing, but China is definitely the way to look for accurate Apple related leaks and rumors.” Because...well, just because.

He sourced this accurate leak from this Chinese language blog on the social networking site (login is required). But that microblog seems to be simply a corporate site for (here’s the Google Translate version of the home page), which is variously described by iOSpherians as a “Chinese news site,” “prolific leaker,” “Chinese site”, and by GForGames as “renowned Apple leaker.” The Rollup googled for a bit but couldn’t come up with any more details, at least in English, about CTech or C Technology.

“Chinese news site C-Tech carries photos of a smartphone outer shell that is both a lot larger and much slimmer than the current iPhone 5S and the sizing shown in the blurry image marries up with recent rumours regarding the iPhone 6,” Jamie Hinks confidently declares at, even though it’s not really an outer shell. Those not-so-recent rumors, for an iPhone with a bigger-than-four-inch diagonal screen, date from at least September 2012 when Apple released the four-inch iPhone 5.

At MacRumors, Eric Slivka took a close look at the “leaked” metal frame, and compared it to Apple’s actual design changes. His conclusion: it may be a leaked smartphone frame but it’s almost certainly not the iPhone 6.

“The part appears to be a midframe such as that found in earlier iPhone models, allowing components to be attached to both sides of the part before being enclosed in the device's shell,” he observes. “Apple did away with midframe components as of the iPhone 5, opting for a unibody rear shell design that allows components to be mounted directly to the shell, yielding a thinner design. A return to a design requiring a midframe part would seem unlikely given Apple's emphasis on thinness.”

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