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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Jan. 17

China saves the day, Tim dodges, NFC rises again, size matters

By , Network World
January 21, 2014 09:38 AM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - The Chinese, as everyone knows, drink a lot of tea. And with Apple's deal with the humungous China Mobile to offer the new iPhones to its zillions of subscribers, iOSpherians are trying to read all those tea leaves. But they're drawing, honestly, some strange conclusions.

Apparently, the Chinese, who are reputedly enamored with Big Screen Smartphones, are going to demand a Big Screen iPhone 6. Apple doesn’t listen to Americans, but they will listen to the Chinese.  

And that shifty Apple CEO Tim Cook, at China Mobile HQ for the launch, did a lot of dodging and shrugging off, because he didn’t tell Chinese buyers who were busy buying the iPhone 5S anything about the iPhone 6.

Disclosure of a new Apple patent application sent a thrill of anticipation through those longing for near-field communications in their favorite phone, apparently because they misread what the patent was actually about.

Finally, the same “expectations” of a larger-screened iPhone 6, in at least two sizes, were recycled from last October.  They still remain just expectations.

You read it here second.

Despite all of our wildest hopes and dreams, Apple has yet to grace the iPhone with what could end up being one its most important hardware upgrades. Once again, however, it looks like there may be a chance we’ll see NFC on the new iPhone.

iPhone 6 with “massive screen” more likely because of China

This is the … well, let’s call it the “innovative” argument by GottaBeMobile’s Josh Smith.

And it’s simple: Apple has just started offering the iPhone to the zillions of subscribers on China Mobile. And Chinese people like Big Screens on their phones. Therefore, to please them, Apple “will likely” increase the screen for the iPhone 6.

Here is Smith’s first sentence in his blogpost: “The iPhone 6 screen size will likely grow in 2014 as Apple pushes to compete with growing smartphone sizes in the U.S. and looks to offer an iPhone with a larger screen in China.”

Here is Smith’s second sentence: “This week the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched on China Mobile, bringing orders in the multi-millions and spawning lines around buildings at China Mobile stores, including one where Tim Cook was on hand to sign autographs.”

So “multi-millions” of Chinese are buying the iPhone with its puny 4-inch screen, not to mention its sky high price tag, oblivious to all those “competing smartphones [that] range from 4.7-inches to 5.9-inches with 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080 resolution displays” that are also, like, cheap! What is wrong with those idiots?

So far, Apple has not segmented the smartphone market as it did the portable music player market with multiple iPod models. So far, it still puts a premium on a display size that permits one-handed use, and display technologies that create a high pixel density, readable text, and crisp images and video with very accurate color representation.

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