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Three security startups you should keep an eye on

Skyfence, Zimperium, Bluebox Security target cloud and mobile security respectively

By , Network World
January 23, 2014 12:17 PM ET

Network World - Security start-ups Skyfence Networks and Zimperium made their official debut today, while another still in stealth mode, Bluebox Security, announced this week additional funding bringing it to a $27.5 million in venture capital.

Skyfence is “activity monitoring for cloud services, compliance controls and threat prevention,” says Ofer Hendler, CEO and co-founder of the Israel-based start-up formed in 2012 with Michael Kantarovich, vice president of research and development. Some enterprises, including airline Virgin America, are exploring how to use what’s called the Skyfence Cloud Gateway.

Skyfence is intended to help customers monitor cloud applications, especially software-as-a-service (SaaS), by having that traffic directed through a reverse proxy that can identify anomalies indicating insider threats or attacks such as compromises. Virgin America has been testing it out for a few weeks with positive results.

This is activity monitoring for cloud services, compliance controls and threat prevention.

“Like many, we are migrating applications into the cloud,” says Bob Markel, director of information security at Virgin America, adding many employees work in various airports. Virgin America is using Skyfence to monitor SaaS applications, and “it’s giving us visibility into what was a black hole.” To start, Virgin America is monitoring traffic going into its single-sign-on system to look for anomalies  and expects to eventually deploy it in full proxy mode to see all the traffic.

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Skyfence Cloud Gateway has been initially designed to alert about problems it detects, whether an employee trying to steal information or suspicious log-in of network resources indicating a possible compromise, but future capabilities in Skyfence are expected to offer mitigation options such as more automated blocking of accounts or transactions when threats related to SaaS applications are detected. Starting price for Skyfence is $40 per user.

Skyfence competes in some aspects with Skyhigh Networks, Netskope, and Adallom, acknowledges Hendler, whose background includes executive-level R&D positions at Websense and PortAuthority. Co-founder Kantarovich was previously director of R&D at Imperva. The start-up has received $3.2 million in venture-capital funding, mainly from some of Israel’s well-known high-tech entrepreneurs, including Mickey Boodaei and Shlomo Kramer.

Start-ups Zimperium and Bluebox Security focus on mobile security

Also out of the gate is another Israel-based start-up named  Zimperium, which has U.S. headquarters in San Francisco while conducting R&D out of its Tel Aviv office. Its two co-founders, Zuk Avraham and Elia Yehuda, say the firm has received $8 million in funding from Sierra Ventures as well as individual investors such as Stephen Northcutt and Raymond Liao.

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