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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 7

Among Apple iPhone 6 rumors: 10 big ones, 2 bigger ones, and iOS 8 as DIY doctoring

By , Network World
February 07, 2014 05:41 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - A "new rumor" in the iOSphere is almost a contradiction in terms. More typically, a current rumor regurgitates an earlier rumor and, paradoxically, gets additional not less credibility for doing so.

Hence a “report” that iPhone 6 will feature a 10-megapixel camera was greeted with huzzas…just as it has been every time previously. And ditto for the two-phone iPhone 6 rumor, both with bigger-than-four-inch displays.

Also this week: speculation that Apple will go big into health and fitness with iOS 8, encompassing iPhone 6 and the mythical iWatch.

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The iDoctor is in.

You read it here second.

KDB’s recent note on the [big-screened] iPhone 6 and phablet-sized iPhone are mostly in line with a number of earlier reports….

iPhone 6 will have a 10-megapixel cam with a wider aperture

Every iPhone is rumored to have a better camera, though that almost always means that the rumorer expects it to support more megapixels.

The website GForGames “unearthed” and “discovered” what it terms “some rather interesting rumors” that iPhone 6 will have a 10-megapixel camera with an f/1.8 aperture. Currently the iPhone 5S has an eight-megapixel cam with a narrower f/2.2 aperture. A wider aperture lets in more light and lets you work with a narrower depth of field.

How was this rather interesting rumor unearthed? By translating, via Google Translate, a post on the Chinese website, which according to, describes itself (also via Google Translate) as “The station is the main provider of computer hardware and digital products market, solutions, market analysis, shopping guide guide and driver software download.”

At GForGames, this becomes “the Chinese media,” which are “citing Taiwanese supply chain insiders.” In other words, they’re citing completely anonymous, and quite vague, sources.

GForGames also asserts that the it168 post reveals that the Next iPhone will have interchangeable resin lenses manufactured by a Japanese firm, JSR. Yet that isn’t quite what the Google Translate version says: “…the filter of the camera will change. Another camera filters iPhone 6 will be made of resin material, which is provided by the renowned Japanese developer of transparent resin JSR, this change will probably improve in the light of imaging capabilities.”

GForGames seems to understand “filter” to mean “lens” and “will change” to mean “interchangeable.” But it more likely means that the iPhone 6 camera filter will simply be different from the filter in the iPhone 5S camera.

Kelly Hodgkins at MacRumors, makes much better sense of the it168 post and of the potential benefits of JSR’s plastic lens.

“The report also claims Apple will change the filter used on the iPhone 6 camera, replacing the hybrid IR [infrared] filter used on the iPhone 5s with a resin lens filter manufactured by Japanese company JSR,” Hodgkins writes. “JSR is known for its ARTON Resins, which are used in digital and video cameras with CMOS image sensors. JSR claims its ARTON filters are lighter and thinner than comparable IR filters and take clearer images due to the resin's ability to minimize the color shifts of CMOS image sensors.”

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