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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 14

Fakes that tell the truth, side-view LEDs, sapphire hopes

By , Network World
February 17, 2014 05:40 AM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - Just in time for Valentine's Day, blurry photos of the iPhone 6 appeared online and went viral thanks to social media and Apple Obsession Syndrome. It didn't even matter that they were fakes.

Also this week, Apple is changing to 0.4t side-view type LEDs in iPhone 6 and that just has to be a Good Thing. A new “report” affirms the long-held rumor that Apple will release two iPhone 6 models, each with a bigger-than-four-inch display. And there were dueling rumors about whether or not sapphire would bejewel iPhone 6 in a big way.

You read it here second.

[T]he question that investors and phone enthusiasts must ask themselves is this: Is this image [of the iPhone 6] real or just a very clever render?....At the end of the day, the iPhone 6 may very well look like the leak above, and the leak itself may prove legitimate. There really are only so many ways to make a larger, thinner iPhone, and the leaked image does look plausible.

iPhone 6 “leaked” via blurry photos that turn out to be fake, but that doesn’t matter

This leak turns out to be a complicated tale as is the social media tail that revealed it. It’s rife with deception, betrayal, visual manipulation, self-serving promotion, solemn pronouncements.

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In any case, according to one account, it began with an anonymous Twitter account posting photographs of a larger, thinner iPhone. The iOSphere’s leading Professional Leaker, Sonny Dickson, helpfully tweeted attention: “Could this be Apple's next iPhone? The iPhone 6?” The iOSphere went into spasms of pleasure.

(Dickson posted the photos at his own website, claiming to have “gotten our hands on some great photos of the iPhone’s rear casing in Space Grey….” Several commenters quickly labeled them “fake” largely because the all-metal back casing would effectively block cellular antenna signals. That led to a further discussion about using the Wondrous Liquidmetal as the casing material, but that’s another continuing rumor….)

“In the full photos, a new design is clearly shown with a larger display and no bezel on the side,” according to the detailed analysis by Jacob Kastrenakes, at The Verge. “Bezel on the top and bottom has narrowed significantly as well. The design wouldn't be out of line for Apple and it aligns with what early reports of the new device have described.”

Not out of line a bit with all those early “reports.” This is the well-known “hall of mirrors effect” – an unsubstantiated rumor, including a “leaked” photograph – is validated because it’s just like all the previous unsubstantiated rumors. Conversely, if the new rumor is different, it’s validated precisely because it’s different.

But then some iOSpherians began raising questions, pointing out that some parts of the photographs seemed identical to images created by one Martin Hajek, who specializes, according to his website, in "visualizing the future in 3D one render at a time" especially with regard to future Apple products.

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