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Practical advice about disaster recovery planning

Yes, it is possible to contain catastrophes, but with how much pain and at what cost?

By Jeff Klaus, Intel Corporation, special to Network World
May 20, 2013 02:32 PM ET

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There are many motivations for getting better control of data center power, not the least of which is cost control as energy costs continue to skyrocket. Server sprawl has made the data center energy bill one of the fastest increasing component of operational costs. But regardless of the motivation, whether to ensure the survival of a business in a time of a natural disaster or to cap rising energy bills, the benefits are far reaching and add up to a very attractive business case for holistic energy management in today' data centers.

Klaus is the general manager of Data Center Manager (DCM) Solutions at Intel Corporation, where he has managed various groups for over 13 years. Klaus' team is pioneering power and thermal management middleware, which is sold through an ecosystem of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software companies and OEMs. A graduate of Boston College, Klaus also holds an MBA from Boston University. He can be reached at

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