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Who will be the next Geek King (or Queen)?; Microsoft unveils new Zune players

Microsoft Alert

Network World - Who will be the next Geek King (or Queen)?, 09/28/07: In July 2008 Bill Gates, arguably the greatest Geek King there ever was, will step down as leader of Microsoft. Surely we will continue to hear from him, but his departure from the software world leaves a great void in Geek culture. Who will replace him? Who has his stature? Who has his utter geekiness? Should the geeks be ruled by committee? Should geeks even be ruled?

Microsoft unveils new Zune players and community, 10/03/07: Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled three new models of its Zune portable digital media players featuring touch-sensitive buttons for navigating the device, the ability to sync with wireless networks, and flash memory in two of them. (Check out what the bloggers are saying about Zune.)

Microsoft buys comparative shopping site, 10/02/07: Microsoft has bought comparative shopping Web site, which gives its customers a cut of advertising revenue from retailers, offering a rebate on purchases made through the site.

Using Microsoft's OCS as a unified messaging platform: Test of Microsoft’s Office Communication Server: Is OCS your next unified communications platform? Registration no longer required - check out the test today!

Microsoft debuts online enterprise services, 10/01/07: Microsoft on Monday pulled out of incubation its online enterprise services around Exchange, SharePoint and Communications Server and introduced a free document storage and collaboration Web site that begins to answer challenges from Google.

Mr. Google goes to Washington: Microsoft Subnet blogger John Obeto has a funny, sharp-tongued commentary on the Google/Microsoft battle. “All of a sudden, Microsoft is accused of lobbytitis, and astroturfing! … Since when is taking advantage of the law, nekulturniy (a Russian word for “low-class”)?

Microsoft and antitrust – why the EU verdict was a bad idea: New Microsoft Subnet blogger Kerrie Meyler thinks government regulation is overblown. “The E.U. insisted that the code not even be included in the operating system. Microsoft released a special version of Windows XP … identical to XP Home and Professional SP2 without Media Player … What is interesting is that precisely zero of the OEMs adopted the Windows XP N Editions.”

Users pry XP reprieve from Microsoft, 09/28/07: Microsoft, clearly getting an earful from corporate users over the rapid demise of XP to make way for Vista, has responded by committing to extend the availability of XP for another five months.

Microsoft gives OEMs five more months to install XP, 09/28/07: Microsoft is extending the time it will allow OEMs and retail outlets to sell PCs with Windows XP as customers continue to balk on upgrading to Windows Vista.

Microsoft blogger accidentally leaks Office Mobile upgrade, 09/28/07: A Microsoft employee on Thursday accidentally blogged about an upgrade to Office Mobile that shouldn't be available for another couple of weeks.

Google, Microsoft execs to testify on DoubleClick deal, 09/27/07: Executives from Google and Microsoft are scheduled to testify before a Senate panel Thursday on the search engine company's planned $3.1 billion acquisition of online advertising company DoubleClick.

Senior Editor John Fontana covers Microsoft for Network World.
Julie Bort edits Microsoft Subnet
Microsoft Subnet: The independent voice of Microsoft customers

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