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Courion bolsters Access Assurance Suite

Compliance Manager for File Shares is designed to protect sensitive information in unstructured data formats found in file shares
Security Identity Management Alert By Dave Kearns, Network World
July 20, 2010 01:43 PM ET
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The biggest fish in the small (well, medium-sized) pond of pure play IDM vendors is still Courion, and it extended its  reputation for having the most complete IAM solution with the last week's announcement of Compliance Manager for File Shares, a new capability for their Access Assurance Suite designed to protect sensitive information in unstructured data formats found in file shares, such as Microsoft Office files, .pdf files, and audio, video and CAD files.

AS Courion's peripatetic publicist (Brian Alberti, of the Davies Murphy Group) pointed out to me:

"Between increasing compliance requirements and the numerous data breaches of late, more and more companies are realizing the importance of putting an identity and access management and compliance strategy into place to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, companies also need to be aware of the staggering Gartner statistic stating 80 percent of a company's information exists in the form of unstructured data -- where sensitive data is just as likely to reside. Unstructured data can take many forms, including Microsoft SharePoint sites and the larger universe of file shares. Today's organizations house millions of files on thousands of file shares, posing a major security risk as sensitive information constantly moves around in unstructured environments. To this point, this has been an unsolvable problem for organizations, as the sheer volume of data held on file shares was too great to monitor."Where's your organization's proprietary data stored? What about employee and client data you're required to keep private? Maybe Compliance Manager for File Shares is something you need to check in to.

Something else you might want to check in to is a neat little utility that Hungary's Vladimir Dzhuvinov has developed. Json2Ldap, Dzhuvinov explains, "has a simple function, it turns any LDAP v3 compatible directory into a Web service accessible via JSON-RPC over HTTP."With all the discussion about LDAP (and Web services) we've had recently, this might be a good tool to add to your arsenal. Download it here and give it a whirl!

Read more about security in Network World's Security section.

Dave Kearns is a consultant and editor of IdM, the Journal of Identity Management.

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