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Aternity introduces milestone performance management release

Latest version features deeper end user management and massive scalability

Network/Systems Management Alert By Beth Schultz, Network World
May 25, 2011 10:57 AM ET
Beth Schultz
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As a startup, Aternity four years ago captured a place on a Network World list of 10 IT management companies to watch for its then-unique ability to measure application performance from the user perspective. Now, with release of the 5.0 version of its Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform, the company says it has set a new milestone.

That milestone, says Aternity CEO Trevor Matz, comes with the extension of the FPI Platform's ability to provide visibility of end user behavior and application performance "from the edge on in." The approach differs from traditional data centric-application performance management technologies by monitoring application performance, device performance and user productivity. The Frontline platform aggregates, analyzes and correlates these metrics in real time in order to help enterprise IT organizations close the visibility gap into the user experience, he says.

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"The amalgamation of these three dimensions defines how we as users are experiencing our applications," Matz says.

But until FPI Platform 5.0, monitoring was available only for thick client applications -- Web-based, Java and .Net apps, for example. "But there's a new breed of Web applications in the market, and they're catching on like wild fire. Those are rich Internet applications ... which have a lot of processing moved to the client in order to provide that rich experience," he says. "And what that means from a performance perspective is that up to 50% of the time it takes to complete a transaction can be consumed by the actual client and not by network time or the request/response of a pure Web app."

This latest version of Frontline, however, will solve this challenge by providing support for Web 2.0 rich Internet applications and 64-bit Java business application monitoring, Matz says. And, it further will close the visibility cap with in-depth monitoring of Microsoft Outlook.

In addition, Frontline 5.0, due out this quarter, will feature enhancements aimed at speeding mean time to repair for desktop application problems, advanced analytics for rapid response to performance issues and a privacy compliance auditor. Improved scalability also will be in the offing, with single instance platform support extended to 40,000 concurrent users, for example.

Aternity's FPI Platform pricing is a function of the platform configuration and the number of endpoints, the company says. Entry-level pricing is $100,000.

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Schultz is a longtime IT journalist. You can email her or find her here.

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