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A fun interlude with storage videos

Funniest storage moments caught on tape

Storage Alert By Deni Connor, Network World
June 28, 2007 12:01 AM ET
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Developments of the week in storage

It’s time to take a little time out of the day and have some fun. Network World has once again collected a series of videos about storage technology. We did one last fall in the Servers newletter.

The latest video I’ve seen comes courtesy of the marketing minions at EMC and it’s called Bob + Joe: Fun with Tape. The video promotes disk-based backup. It asks you to enter your name and e-mail and even though you’ll likely get an e-mail from EMC, it’s worth it.

Here’s a maudlin little missive for HP’s All-in-One Storage System, a system designed for small and midsize businesses. Also from HP is “The Juggler” about storage consolidation.

One of the funniest videos comes from Hitachi Data Systems. It uses Mr. T to pound some sense into users’ heads about basing storage virtualization in the storage controller instead of the network.

A sequel to this classic video exists – it tells the tale of Mr. T the Trucker in his Technology Chariot, and it’s even funnier.

IBM couldn’t be left out of the viral video craze. Its Basil the Boffin Backs Up video is about IBM Tivoli’s Continuous Data Protection for Files.

One of the most interesting videos I saw last week at the HP Americas StorageWorks Summit isn’t online yet. It shows HP blowing up a data center in Arkansas and because data was replicated offsite, recovery can take place in less than 90 seconds. Encourage HP to make it available.

Last but not least are two videos that bring home the problem of managing a data center. One, sponsored by IBM of course, is Lost Control in the Data Center.

The other, which is engaging, can end your day or lunch hour. It’s Staying Alive in the Data Center and you can watch it here.

Read more about data center in Network World's Data Center section.

Deni Connor is principal analyst for Storage Strategies NOW and host of both the Masters of Storage and Masters of Servers Solution Centers.

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