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Amazon reduces data transfer costs

Interphase rolls out VDI client for cloud applications

Storage Alert By Deni Connor , Pat CorrIgan and James Bagley Pat CorrIgan and James Bagley, Network World
July 06, 2011 12:06 AM ET
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Developments of the week in storage

Amazon Web Services announced that effective July 1, 2011, they reduced inbound and outbound data transfer costs for their online services. 

Transfer in costs have been eliminated for most or all services, while transfer out costs have been reduced by 20% or more, depending on monthly transfer volume. In addition, new pricing tiers have been added that potentially reduce costs further for high-volume customers. 

According to Amazon, the reductions could translate to cost savings on data transfers of 40% or more, depending on the service offering and data volume. Data storage charges remain unchanged, as do charges for PUT, COPY, POST, LIST, GET and other requests. More information can be found on the AWS Data Transfer Pricing Update detail page.

Interphase launched a line of advanced thin clients under the clouDevice name, aimed at improving price performance in key virtual desktop markets in education, government and enterprise applications. Interphase uses its long experience in the production of embedded systems found in a wide range of products to bring new capabilities for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The new products include classical thin clients with options for Linux, Windows CE and Windows embedded operating systems. A high-performing PCoIP 'zero' client version is aimed at CAD and other graphic-intensive applications with support for up to 10 USB ports for connection of a number peripherals. In addition, products designed around the Microsoft Windows Multi-Point Service, which provides clients at extremely low cost points that are appropriate to thrifty applications in school districts, with optional WiFi interface which eliminates wiring costs that are often prohibitive in school buildings.

This is particularly timely as a number of storage products are coming on-line to break the I/O bottleneck associated with expensive shared storage systems that have been necessary for VDI in the past. Depending on features and configuration, clients can be deployed from $99 to $200 in cost.

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Deni Connor is principal analyst for Storage Strategies NOW and host of both the Masters of Storage and Masters of Servers Solution Centers.

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