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Mirage Networks' new green product line

Mirage Networks' new line of Sensor X series appliances

Cloud Security Alert By Tim Greene, Network World
September 25, 2008 12:07 AM ET
Tim Greene
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Clarifying issues surrounding this emerging security architecture

Mirage Networks is rolling out a new suite of hardware for its Sensor NAC appliances (Compare NAC products). The new suite fills in a few gaps in the old product line so customers can better find a device that fits their capacity needs as measured by how many endpoints each device supports.

The new Sensor X series line of appliances adds a box that supports 500 endpoints, filling the gap between the 100-endpoint box and the 1,000-endpoint device in the old Sensor N series. The new line includes a ruggedized 500-endpoint box and adds a 2,500-endpoint appliance that supports fiber connections.

The new line also runs cheaper than the old, the company says, and it is calling the new appliances its green product line. The company measures this improvement in performance per watt, and claims that the new gear shows a 700% improvement over the old. The new gear uses 20% less power and that results in a 26% reduction in power to keep it cool, the company says.

The X series of appliances is available now, and Mirage is also still selling the N series. Eventually, the company will phase out the N series, but that will be done gradually over the next two years. The company says it plans to announce end-of-life details later.

Sensor X series devices and the Sensor N series they replace are: X-50 (N-120), X-100 (N-125), X-500 (no comparable N box), X-500R (no comparable N box), X-1000 (N-145), X-2500 (N-245), and X-2500F (no comparable N box).

Pricing starts at $10 per endpoint supported.

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Tim Greene is senior editor at Network World.

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