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So long and thanks for all the phish
So, as threatened a couple of weeks ago when I announced the demise of this organ, I thought I'd ponder the past and future of the topic of this newsletter: Web applications.
WeVideo, excellent video editing
Well, here we are with the penultimate Network World Web Applications Alert newsletter. If you want to get on the list for my new newsletter, please send an email to and I'll be in touch.
I-Postmortem, managing your death online
Well, this is it folks, after three more editions, this newsletter, the Network World Web Applications Alert, will be no more. For reasons beyond my pay grade and after something like 2,000 issues, this newsletter will cease to be, it will be no more, it will be pushing up the daisies and will join the choir invisible., easy Web page editing and sharing
Sharing Web content has become a major occupation for everyone who uses the Intertubes so every day millions of people send each other billions of snippets, clips, image, and links.
Dentrix: Not good enough
If you're going to communicate with your customers via email you've got to pay attention to the service you use. You've got to know how it supports your brand and how the messages "feel" to the recipients. You've got to assess readability and the process it triggers whether that is intended to be a selling cycle, a data collection process, or managing appointments.
Perch, a great lightweight CMS
Content Management Systems (CMS) for mission critical Web properties are a big issue. Choose the right one and, all other things being equal, your Web site will be organized and manageable. Choose the wrong one and you'll be the proud owner of a house of cards that is going to suck away your time, money, and market credibility. It is for these reasons that organizations got to great lengths to evaluate and select CMSs.
JotForm; Forms done right!
I've looked at lots of Web services that promise form design, delivery, and response handling but few of them deliver a complete solution. Some are simply not attractive (which is a huge problem if your Web site has any style whatsoever), some insist on presenting their branding, some are too complex, some not complex enough, and some are simply too pricey.
The XRBL Challenge: Making the free market fair
So, the more we all know about how corporations work, the more level the playing field can be. And one of the areas where we need far more data than has traditionally been available is corporate information in the form of the various filings that corporate entities are required to do.
Webdoc, In Between a Social Network and a Social Tool
For once, I'm not sure how to pigeonhole the product I'm focused on today: Webdoc, a curious hybrid of an online digital scrapbook and a social media service.
Grazing, could be the best browser so far
After so many years of Web browser development it is hard to imagine how much more they can be improved. Most recent browser improvements have been minor enhancements that involved streamlining tab management and better stability and security. But then there's tablet computing and, in particular, the iPad.
Ujam, making the music of tomorrow
One of the most remarkable things about the Web is the impact that it has had on music. Not only has the Web been responsible for demolishing the business models of the big music labels (currently Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Group, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group) but it has also made it possible for more people to explore, discuss, and share (and pirate) more music than they would have otherwise ever been able to hear. The Web has increased not only the reach of the consumer but also weakened the hold of the Big Music.
MiMedia stores your media online
Moving your entertainment media and other important stuff to "the cloud" (or, rather, "a cloud") is becoming the next big thing. For example, Apple's latest foray into shackling our hearts and minds to their view of, well, everything called iCloud will essentially move your entire life media resources and everything else into Apple's cloud to be consumed where and when you please.
Connected: Lightening your social load
If you're like almost everyone I know, managing your social networking "whirl" is getting harder and harder. This problem comes from one simple issue: Almost all of the services are disconnected from each other.
DOTGO, texting meets Web
I know, I know; it's not news but there's something about texting that is remarkable because it has so quickly become not just 'a' communications medium but, at least if you're a teenager, the primary non-traditional communications medium.
Wakanda; a novel, FOSS Web apps platform
One of the big problems for Web application developers over the last few years is which platforms to choose. It used to be easy with only a handful of serious development and deployment Web apps solutions to choose from but now it seems like there's a new platform appearing every time you start a project and almost every single one brings something new to the table.
Ifttt; Elegant, powerful task automation
A friend who I know via an online mail list had a problem: Periodically the email system where he works gets misconfigured. The result is that messages from external domains doesn't get delivered. When this happens he says that the internal email works fine but as most of his work involves externally originated email and the admins where he works never notice when there's a problem it is an issue for him.
123ContactForm makes forms easy
Most contact forms on Web sites are pretty simple and don't really do much. This is mainly because forms in general are a pain in the **** to build and maintain. There is, of course, a better way to do this and that is, of course, to outsource contact forms to a third party that specializes in such things.
Catch, making notes effective
I don't care what you think you do for a living, the truth is that the most absorbing occupation you have is probably taking and organizing notes. Just go into any meeting and everyone is taking notes like there are possessed.
Livedrive, cheap unlimited online backup
Do you remember CompuServe? Back in the day, by which I mean before the beginning of life as we know it ... by which I mean before everyone and his brother got online, CompuServe was "it". In fact, CompuServe, which started in 1969, was actually the first online service offering bulletin boards, chat services, and file archives via dial-up service.
Room 77, taking the surprise out of hotel rooms
Choosing a hotel often feels like a game of chance ... you roll the dice and hope you get what you want but unlike any other betting game, you have to travel somewhere to see if you've won or lost.
BO.LT, Web Content editing so simple ...
Today's focus, a new online service called BO.LT, allows you to generate edited versions of existing Web pages. That may not sound too exciting but where BO.LT differentiates itself is in making the editing and deployment so simple that ... and if you're in marketing, forgive me ... even marketing can do it.
How not to handle unsubscribes
Here we are, with almost 20 years of Internet connectivity and business experience, and apparently there are companies that not only don't have much appreciation of how to do even the basic online business but apparently don't much care!
FastSpring and SaaSy, easy ecommerce
If you've ever had a shot at building an ecommerce site you'll know that it's a task mired in complexity, detail, frustration, and endless "gotchas". If you don't get frustrated trying to get shipping working, you'll be pulling out your hair when you try to figure out international taxation and ensure PCI compliance.
Unibrows preserves IE6 investment when upgrading
Here's a hot idea: Keep your Internet Explorer 6 Web apps running when you upgrade IE and Windows. For many enterprises the issue of retaining IE6 compatibility is a big one.
QuickBooks Online isn't quick
Have you ever used Intuit's Quickbooks desktop software? I'm sure many of you have had this pleasure ... or should I say this teeth-grinding, rage-inducing, brutal test of your inner fortitude and resolve?

Mark Gibbs is a consultant, author, journalist, columnist and blogger.

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