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Enterprise security technology consolidation

Large organizations are consolidating the number of security vendors they do business with and buying products built for integration.


5 ways to get a better price on your next RFP

Follow these five steps in your RFP process to get the best prices on network equipment with the fewest hassles and headaches.

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Managing data by business objectives

Advanced data management software enables IT admins to automatically align data with storage that meets business objectives.

conceptual artificial intelligence

AI goes to the movies to identify content you will want to watch

Digital technology and media companies join forces to extract and harness the massive amounts of video content and data that movies produce.

IBM's z13 mainframe

Why are mainframes still in the enterprise data center?

IT suppliers say they can help enterprises migrate mainframe workloads to another platform, yet mainframes are still common residents in the data center.

Blue open bank vault

How open banking can drive competitive advantage

To keep pace and remain competitive, banks must take another page from the technology world and embrace open architectures.

mastercard fingerprint sensor

MasterCard puts a finger on fraud

MasterCard introduces a new credit card that has a fingerprint sensor.

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The hybrid evolution of IT

The digital transformation of today is a hybrid evolution of IT, and IT must drive the change to meet the business's needs.

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Cyber crime as a service forces changes in information security

The advent of cyber crime as a service means professional hackers are behind the keyboard, and organizations must change their approach information security.

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Security certificates gone wrong

Some websites, including one secured by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, fail in their use of security certificates.

Ubuntu touch

Lessons learned from the failure of Ubuntu Touch

The failure of Ubuntu Touch raises questions about what it takes to create a Linux-based mobile platform that succeeds.

Cybersecurity skills shortage impact on technology innovation

The global cybersecurity skills shortage demands that new cybersecurity technologies must be built for ease of deployment, ease of use, and rapid ROI.

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Systemic cybersecurity crisis looms

Executive perception that security is just another cost, implementing bare bones security measures and growing threats could lead to a cybersecurity crisis.

board of directors

How CISOs should address their boards about security

CISOs can't wait until after a breach to talk with their board of directors. They must have regular discussions to ensure they're on the same page on security priorities.

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Ecommerce giants look to dominate payment gateways

Success for ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay involves building a ecommerce ecosystem. A critical component of that is the payment system.

data integration

Industry 4.0 is the blueprint for the future of IT

When you think about IT's future, you probably don’t think about factories. But the evolution of Industry 4.0 may be the model for the future of IT organizations.

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Modern monitoring is a big data problem

The rate of change and degree of diversity in the IT stack demands fine-grained and frequent monitoring, which turns monitoring into a real-time big data problem.


The big news at DockerCon 2017 was no big news

After two years of feverish development, there are signs that Docker containers—one of the hottest trends in tech—might be slowing down.

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