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New York State cybersecurity rules and the skills shortage

New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) rules mandate comprehensive and ongoing training for cybersecurity professionals. Right direction, long way to go.


Breaking through the cybersecurity bubble

At the recent RSA cybersecurity conference, interoperability and cooperation were a common theme, but not everyone is taking it seriously.

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State of the CIO 2017: More challenging, still complicated

The 16th annual State of the CIO report shows that the life of the dual-role CIO is both more challenging and more rewarding. Get used to the new reality.


The problem with Apple's 'original' programming

Apple is trying to take on Netflix and Amazon, but its shows leave a lot to be desired.

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Stretchable screens will follow upcoming flexible ones

Flexible screens are in our immediate future with products likely from Samsung and LG this year. But what about stretchable screens?

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What’s a data infrastructure?

Whether you realize it or not, you may already be using, rely upon, affiliated with, support or otherwise involved with data infrastructures. Granted what you or others generically refer to as infrastructure or the data center may, in...

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Why big data projects fail and how to make 2017 different

Major shifts are happening in the ecosystem as companies strive to become fully data-driven in the digital era. Here's a look at common reasons why big data projects fail and what can be done.

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Private jets and private clouds

What’s your reaction when you learn that a company keeps a fleet of private jets? Similar concerns should arise when you learn that a company keeps private data centers.

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3 new information security jobs for the digital enterprise

With digitization comes 3 new IT roles - strategic consultant, product security specialist and dedicated application developer

Serverless computing -- new idea or a new implementation of an old one?

Serverless computing is a catchphrase that has recently emerged in the world of cloud computing. It's not a new concept from a technical point of view. It is, however, a new way to request, consume and then pay for computing services....

In and Around the 2017 RSA Conference

Interesting announcements on cognitive computing, endpoint security, middleware, and threat intelligence


Gigabit LTE, a 5G stopgap, is now live

Telestra's Gigabit LTE launched in some Australian business districts. It will be a stand-in for 5G until that mega-service becomes available.

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Accelerating digital transformation using the Medici Effect

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) global IT summit in Saudi Arabia presents a model for digital transformation.

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Unified communications for reals

Workstream communications, a new form of enterprise communications and collaboration, delivers what unified communications promised.

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Avaya Surge protects the Internet of Things

Avaya Surge provides elastic, agile IoT device security.

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Everything is built to connect to the internet, so why can’t I?

Shared spectrum, recently opened by the FCC, paves the way to extend LTE coverage in a way similar to your existing wireless network.

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Stop creating merely viable products; develop products people love

It’s no longer acceptable to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP). If you’re going to really ring the registers, think minimum lovable product (MLP).

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Will Australia take up the API advantage or whither on the vine?

Whether Australia takes up APIs across industry and government in the next two years will determine if its economy grows or stagnates.

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