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Can SD-WANs meet standards requirements?

When it comes to security standards, the newness of SD-WAN technologies might raise questions among security professionals when it comes to HIPAA, CFATS, PCI and other compliance regulations.

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A C-level view of SD-WAN

How does SD-WAN look from the perspective of the C-suite?

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A radical innovation that could reduce data density by 50%

A new "beyond binary" method of coding data, along with chemical films and dyes could drastically reduce the amount of space we need to store information.

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Making smart cities a smarter way

With all the hype around smart cities today, you would think they are ubiquitous. Even though there are a few high-profile examples, smart cities aren’t yet as widespread as you might think.

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3 requirements of a successful long-term IoT strategy

Before launching an Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, organizations need a comprehensive strategy with the three critical factors that determine long-term success.

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The very real dangers of betting on hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud architectures are very popular right now, but they could turn out to be little more than a transitional strategy.

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Embrace the heat: Data center tips for summer operations

Summer and the heat it brings can be trouble for the data center without proper planning and precautions.

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Bluetooth Mesh networks: Is a standards body right for IoT innovation?

The Bluetooth Mesh specification is impressive, but a specification with an open-source project could accelerate IoT adoption faster.

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3 ways to track people using location-based services

More businesses are using location-based services via Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth beacons to track and interact with customers.

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2 reasons to migrate off of Microsoft Exchange Server

By migrating away from Microsoft Exchange, you reduce costs for your organization and improve the security of your accounts and data. One option to use instead: Kolab.

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How to plan your successful cloud migration

Companies struggle when it comes to structuring the cloud transformation, beginning with the fundamental first step — planning a successful migration. To kick-start the cloud adoption, companies have first to figure out how to deal...

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Quantum fiber network to launch in August

A supposedly unhackable Internet network is about to be launched.

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AI heading back to the trough

The expectations over artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming too inflated. AI will indeed change everything, but not any time soon.

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W3C embraces DRM—puts itself on the wrong side of history

The W3C’s endorsement of Encrypted Media Extensions, a DRM-like restriction, is a terrible move. The EME spec restricts what can be viewed on web browsers.

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Robots, AI will run data centers

Litbit's AI-powered data center operator, Dac, and Wave2Wave's ROME robot are two examples of new technology helping to run data centers.

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Searching for ground truth in IoT

Functionally, IoT is not new. However, open problems with sensors, connectivity, power sources and data need to be solved for IoT to reach forecasted scale.

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Fraud and the Internet of Things

According to Gartner, the number of world-wide Internet connected devices will grow to 11.4 billion by 2018. It’s a phenomenal trend that will continue to spread until human and machine connectivity becomes ubiquitous and unavoidably...

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What companies need to know about interconnection to succeed at digital business

What is interconnection in today's digital businesses, and why does it matter? Interconnection is much more than successfully connecting Point A to Point B. We explore some key characteristics of today’s enterprise-grade...

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