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Rating the Vendor Blogs

Some vendor blogs lead the way

By , Network World
October 04, 2007 03:59 PM ET

Category 1: Cream of the crop

Network World - HP

HP has dozens of blogs, conveniently divided into categories such as "servers," "mobility and wireless" and "research." Richard Fichera, a blogger on server blades, likes to criticize rival IBM, but isn't afraid to admit HP hasn't come close to solving the problem of power and cooling. "Even the most sophisticated solutions, such as HP's new Dynamic Smart Cooling, still are only biting around the edge of the problem," he says.


1. Is the blog site easy to find from the company's home page? YES

2. Are bloggers identified human beings who are not in public relations? YES

3. Number of blogs: DOZENS

4. Is IT product information useful, or mostly just public relations? MIXED BAG

5. Is there high-level discussion of issues important to IT executives? YES

6. How often are blogs updated? WEEKLY

7. Is feedback accepted and displayed? YES

8. Do bloggers reply to feedback in a timely manner? YES

9. Are there links to outside sites? YES

10. Can you subscribe? YES

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