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Resume Makeover: How to Keep it Short, Sweet and to the Point

By Sharon Florentine, CIO
November 20, 2013 06:21 PM ET

CIO - Rob Sorenson (not his real name) boasts a rich, 12-year career in IT and brings a wealth of experience, technical skills and high-level accomplishments - six pages worth, to be precise. While it's obvious Sorenson has a successful past, it is unclear what direction his career will take based on his resume.

Candidate Meets Resume Writer

Resume writer and career consultant Caitlin Sampson could see immediately that Sorenson had a depth and breadth of both corporate and client consulting experience. However, she could also see that she needed to help him focus his resume on the highlights and most important elements of his career and his plan for future success, rather than the minute details of his past pursuits.

"Rob's resume displayed a great deal of experience, his extensive technical skills and his numerous accomplishments," Sampson says. "It was apparent his career up to this point had been successful, but it was unclear what his next step would be," she says.

Based on an initial, hour-long consultation, Sampson determined that Sorenson's ultimate goal was to move from an IT consulting role into a managerial or director-level role.

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