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Hands on: AT&T Velocity hits the WiFi hotspot

AT&T Velocity I’m using the ZTE-built AT&T Velocity WiFi hotspot as I write up my quickie review of the device here, and sure enough it’s providing me with ample speed as I fact check on the web during this process. The...

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Review: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge lead the Android pack

The new flagship Samsung Android smartphones are surprisingly elegant and thoughtfully designed, with better security capabilities

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Review: 7 excellent mobile app builders

Alpha Anywhere, AnyPresence, and Salesforce1 lead a rich field of low-code mobile development tools

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First Look: Microsoft Office 'lite' for touchscreens

As part of the beta release program for Windows 10, Microsoft has released free touchscreen versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word through the Windows Store.

street organ 659036 1280 How to get the data import monkey off your back

In the age of Big Data one of the things we all do over and over again is mine the Web for content we need to repurpose. While finding the stuff you want can be a big job, trying to get that content into a usable and useful format all...


Portable storage for the paranoid: We test two secure USB drives on keypad vs. software security

Encrypted storage on a stick is expensive, so consider security method as well before you buy. We test examples of each approach.

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Review: EachScape cloud IDE works mobile magic

EachScape accomplishes the hat trick of generating iOS, Android, and Web apps from an online drag-and-drop designer

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Review: Aerospike kicks scale-out NoSQL into high gear

Aerospike Server leverages memory and SSDs to bring extremely high throughput to a flexible, scalable key-value database

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Review: Dell's Ubuntu-powered M3800 Mobile Workstation is a desktop destroyer

I finally got my hands on Dell's M3800 Mobile Workstation and found an impressive machine.

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Review: Gigabit Wi-Fi access points for SMBs

This time around, we’re testing three new entrants to Gigabit Wi-Fi access point market. Cisco, D-Link, Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools.

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New Gigabit Wi-Fi access points target SMBs

Cisco, D-Link, Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools

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Qwerty Card: A lo-tech solution to managing hi-tech passwords

For a few years I’ve used a password system that’s been really successful and it's based on a simple formula ... but if that's too much for you check out Qwerty Card ...


First look: VMware vSphere 6 keeps its edge

With welcome improvements to key features, as well as the bundling of backup and recovery, the leading virtualization platform doesn't disappoint

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Google Inbox: A guided tour

This guide compares and contrasts Gmail with Inbox to help you get started with what could become Google’s next-generation email service.

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Home Automation: Top marks for Nortek GoControl Garage Door Controller

Late last year I installed the competing GoControl Garage Door Controller from Nortek Security & Control (formerly Linear LLC) that integrates with Z-Wave networks such as the Nexia Home Automation system and I'm really impressed.

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Review: Microsoft Azure beats Amazon and Google for mobile development

Easier than Amazon's Mobile SDK and more complete than Google's Firebase, Azure Mobile Services has more of what developers need

BaseX running an XQuery applicaion

BaseX: Free, open source XML wrangling

If you’re going to explore an XML dataset you really need to make the level of readability, ability to update, and ease of access considerably better. This is what a free, open source tool called BaseX does. BaseX “is a scalable and...

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Best business-class tablets for front office and factory floor

In this review, we looked at two types of business-class tablets, traditional tablets used by the sales force or other front-office workers, and ruggedized devices that can be used on the factory floor or other back-office...

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