apple watch calls time on apple retail
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042015 zenbook primary

Review: MacBook Air killer from ASUS

ZenBook UX305 is a Windows Ultrabook that copies the MacBook Air’s look, but not its price.


ASUS UX305: Looks like a MacBook Air, costs $300 less

Network World reviewer Howard Wen gives a quick overview of the ASUS UX305 notebook, which includes a 1080p screen and quick bootup of Windows 8.1


Is this tree playing music?

The Listen Tree is a research project that uses a transducer to play music and ambient sounds. Get close and you'll hear.


Acer back-to-school lineup includes new Chromebook and Windows laptops

The Taiwanese company also gave a sneak peak at a whole new range of gaming products and wearables.


World Tech Update: April 24, 2015

On WTU this week two US agencies warn airlines about hackers, a robot explores a crippled nuclear power plant in Japan and stilts give virtual worlds steps.


Hands on: Activity-tracking Swiss smartwatches with real hands and dials

Loaded with the same step- and sleep-tracking algorithms as early Jawbone UP wristbands, these watches from Frederique Constant and Alpina ooze with luxury even the Apple Watch can't meet.


Fullpower CEO riffs on Swiss smartwatch platform, Apple Watch and disposable 'Kleenex' technology

A one-on-one interview with Philippe Khan, who argues his case for activity-tracking Swiss smartwatches, and comments on Fullpower's changing relationship with Jawbone.

swarm birds flock

Review: Docker Swarm soars, and the sky's the limit

Swarm combines easy cluster creation and management with powerful container scheduling, but HA and other key features are still in the works


Google Chromebook Pixel: It's beautiful, powerful, and impossible not to love

Packed with advanced features, the Chromebook Pixel can hold its head high among other high-end flagships, and it's the best Chromebook available, period.


Media Lab project wants to change how you read

Fold from the MIT Media Lab is a new content management system that helps authors add context to their stories in a richer form than hyperlinks.


Control your TV by waving your arm

Vtouch is using set-top 3D motion sensors to control content on TV screens and connected appliances in the smart home.


Climb virtual stairs with these boots

The boots are attached to motorized stilts that go up and down on command, instantly giving the user additional height.

young male executive surrounded by flying data

Review: Tableau makes sophisticated analysis a snap

Innovative, self-service data visualization tool makes quick work of exploratory data analysis from 50-odd sources


Solo drone has Linux smarts, GoPro mount

The Solo drone from 3D Robotics has preset flight features like the "orbit shot" which will fly around a central point or the "selfie shot" which will fly away from the pilot while keeping him in the frame.


BMW's Mini augmented reality glasses give you X-ray vision

Move over Google Glass, BMW thinks these aviator-inspired goggles are the future of augmented reality for drivers.


Microsoft researchers turn VR into a hands-on experience

Handpose tracks your hand and finger movements in real time using an Xbox One Kinect's depth camera and software developed by Microsoft researchers.


Robots provide glimpse inside Fukushima reactors

A pair of shape-shifting robots have ventured into the pressure vessel of reactor 1 at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan - one of three reactors that suffered meltdowns after the devastating March 2011 tsunami.

chartres roof space the charpente de fer

Indoor Atlas: Smartphones can navigate inside buildings using magnetic fields

Once you’re inside a building and there’s no GPS signal WiFi geolocation might give you a rough fix but usually you’re “off the grid.” But knowing where you are inside a structure can be crucial in large factories or office buildings....

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