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BaseX running an XQuery applicaion

1 biz tablets

Best business-class tablets for front office and factory floor

In this review, we looked at two types of business-class tablets, traditional tablets used by the sales force or other front-office workers, and ruggedized devices that can be used on the factory floor or other back-office...

1 biz tablets

Best business-class tablets for the front office and factory floor

We review Lenovo ThinkPad, Gammatech Durabook, Arbor Gladius, Adlink IMT and E FUN Nextbook.

linux enterprise

Ultimate guide to Linux desktop environments

A compilation of one Linux expert's adventures with 10 desktop environments.

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Slack: Collaboration that actually works!

Getting a group of people working on a project to communicate with each other is easy; you just give ‘em all email and stand back … and what you’ll see is chaos. The explosion of messages will be immediate and the struggle to keep...

mips creator c120 rgb

MIPS Creator CI20: Sort of a challenge to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Is the MIPS Creator CI20 a real challenge to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B? Performance is roughly the same but it also has WiFi and Bluetooth built-in so it's pretty much a price issue ...

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Review: LibreOffice 4.4 raises the bar

The latest release of the open source productivity suite is leaner, smarter, and more compatible with Microsoft Office docs

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Desktop virtualization review: VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VirtualBox

VMware Workstation 11 has the edge in performance and polish, while VirtualBox 2.3.20 leads in platform support and price

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New tools can detect hidden malware

We tested new security appliances from Damballa, Lancope and LightCyber that are designed to detect the latest cyber-attacks.

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New weapons offer hope against advanced cyber-attacks

Traffic monitoring tools from Damballa, Lancope, LightCyber can uncover hidden malware.

raspberry pi 2 model b v1.1 top

10 Reasons why the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is a killer product

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B was recently released and it’s quite a step up from its predecessors. Here's ten reasons why it's a killer upgrade ...

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Nomad: Mobile charging gadgets you need

I was impressed with the company’s NomadKey last year (they called it the "ChargeKey" back then) simply because it was so handy to have it on my keychain. In the box I received was not only their latest NomadKeys and their NomadClip...

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AppFutura: How to outsource mobile development

If you’re a small company without developers or maybe a group within a large organization that can’t get any love from the corporate development team and you need a mobile app, where are you going to go? The whole process of...

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First look: Windows 10 preview for smartphones is off to a slow start

The newly released Windows 10 TP holds a few worthwhile improvements and one example of a universal app

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Dell XPS 13 vs. MacBook Air: A closer look at battery life

Dell's XPS 13 can't really be a MacBook slayer unless it can compete with the legendary battery life of the Air. We test both to find the truth.

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OpenDocMan: How to get your documents organized

Even under the best circumstances, document management gets messy and complicated very quickly. Documents get lost, versions get confused, and multiple people try to work on the same document at the same time usually with disastrous ...

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The Neato Botvac; great but not for my house

Neato’s PR people recently asked me if I’d like to check out one of the company’s latest robot vacuum cleaners and the answer was, of course, “yes!” (they had me at “robot”). What I received was a Neato Botvac 80, a 9lb,...

project management

Better project management (and greater client happiness) with Pivotal Tracker

I’ve recently been advising a startup and we’ve just managed to launch their new Web site. An interesting part of this launch was that we used a Web service recommended by our developers called Pivotal Tracker, an agile-style project...

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4 open-source monitoring tools that deserve a look

Zabbix edges Icinga in test of open source network monitoring software packages.

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