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chef cook flames flambe fire heat

Review: Chef 12 fires up devops

A rich dev and test toolchain, collaborative end-to-end workflow, and improved Windows support put Chef in a league of its own

frames framework vintage photos bling antiques

Review: 13 primo Python web frameworks

Python programmers have many excellent options for creating web apps and APIs; Django, Weppy, Bottle, and Flask lead the way

cloud security decisions

What is a cloud access security broker and why do I need one?

CASB products provide a variety of security measures, including access control, firewall, identity management, anti-malware, DLP, encryption and threat management. So, what are the basic use cases for CASB?

cloud security

CASB delivers must-have protection for your SaaS apps

NetSkope edges CipherCloud and Bitglass in test of three ingenious and powerful cloud access security brokers.

microduino stack 3

Microduino mCookie; a platform for experimenting with the Internet of Things. Great idea but ...

Microduino mCookie; an experimental and educational platform for the Internet of Things. The hardware is great, the pricing is good, but the devil, as always, is in the documentation.

low code mobile opener final

15 low-code tools for building mobile apps fast

These simple mobile programming tools give business users and developers a fast track to mobile app success

windows 10 anniversary update connect app

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: The good, the bad and the 'meh' (with video)

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings incremental improvements in Edge, the Start menu and Windows Ink, among others -- but Cortana haters won't be happy.

iot pixabay cc0

Initial State, powerful data capture and analytics for your IoT infrastructure

Just managing your IoT devices isn't enough; to get value from your investment in Raspberry Pi-, Arduino-, and Beaglebone Black-based IoT devices you need to capture the data they generate and slice and dice it. Initial State has the...

phone 1031194 1280

StayblCam, a cheap way to improve your crappy video technique

Simple, robust, and low cost, the StayblCam camera stabilizer will make your tracking video shots smooth and professional-looking

Onyx Orion Labs communication badge

Onyx: A Star Trek-like communication badge solution in search of a problem

Wearable device lets you talk to others at a push of a button.

eagle soar bird fly flight sky

First look: Google Cloud Machine Learning soars

Four, rich, pretrained machine learning APIs bring the smarts behind Google to your apps

moto z force droid edition double charging

Moto Z: Is this the Droid you’ve been looking for?

Motorola's latest high-end Android smartphones, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, are well-designed and innovative.

keith brandon VR roller coaster Six Flags Superman

I love roller coasters, so how about a virtual reality coaster?

My first-hand experience riding the Superman Virtual Reality roller coaster at Six Flags New England.

windows logos

Review: Windows 10 Anniversary Update fails to excite

The new upgrade introduces small improvements across the board, but nothing to sway Windows 7 stalwarts

4 mini pcs

Review: 4 mini-PCs give you full power in a very small package

We review four mini-PCs that give you complete Windows computing power in extremely small form factors.

thinkpad 13

Review roundup: Two Lenovo Windows 10 systems and the latest Kangaroo Desktop

Sure, VR and catching Pokemon might be hot now, but here are some systems that you might want to get some work done (or at least read about Pokemon Go and virtual reality)

chef mod

ChefSteps' Joule: Food meets tech. Result? Delicious!

The Joule immersion circulator from ChefSteps cooks up sous vide with a big helping of technology for a great price

acer chromebook 14 for work cp5 471 06

Review: Acer Chromebook 14 for Work aims at corporate IT

The Acer Chromebook 14 for Work, which is aimed at corporate IT, gives a strong first impression and doesn't disappoint.

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