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SpeechTrans Wristband Watch : A small step towards the Babel Fish

SpeechTrans does sophisticated translations between many languages and with their SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristwatch Band they are trying to make translation even more accessible ...


Ubuntu 14.04: Is Canonical taking on too much?

Some hits and some misses as Canonical tries to cover everything from the smartphone to the desktop to the cloud.

ssds raid primary

Feed your greed for speed by installing SSDs in RAID 0

An SSD upgrade will boost your PC's performance. Upgrading to two SSDs in RAID 0 will render it mind-bendingly fast.

BlueAnt Wireless Pump HD Sportbuds male boxer

Work up a sweat with these Bluetooth headphones

Reviews of two new wireless headphones that can take the heat - or, rather, your sweat when you run, walk or otherwise work out.

qnx concept car

Automatic tracks the performance of both your car and you

The OBD-II dongle and companion smartphone app from Automatic records the details of your car travel, monitors how well you drive, and even calls for help if you have a crash.

wireless tools

Must-have tools for setting up a Wi-Fi net

AirMagnet, Ekahau and TamoGraph simplify Wi-Fi planning and surveying.

iPhone camera

Nova: Bluetooth flash for iPhone

The iPhone Nova BT flash is a great idea but it could be improved.

hp proliant

HP’s giant Proliant challenges big iron from IBM, Oracle

HP’s new Proliant challenges big iron from IBM and Oracle with 60-core, 4U, high-performance hardware.

First look: Apple's Swift is simple, at first

Swift's clean and modern syntax makes it quick and easy to get started, but mastering this new language will take a while

Squid Linux

Review: Open source proxy servers are capable, but a bit rough around the edges

Artica scores highest in four-product test, IPFire, Squid and Apache also deliver solid proxy services.

Transporter Sync device connected to external storage drive

Review: Sync, store and share data with Transporter Sync

Keith Shaw reviews the Transporter Sync device, which lets you create a personal cloud for all of your data, across devices and locations.

portable hard drives

The best portable hard drives: Our top picks are fast, light and spacious

Cloud storage is great, until you don't have Internet access. A portable hard drive lets you access your data anywhere.


Meru's new WLAN controller is perfect for SMBs

The MC1550 is big on functionality, with a small form factor and low price tag.

060614 another rss

Link RSS feeds to email with Blogtrottr

RSS feeds are fine if you can find a good feed reader and the time to grind through the results, but let’s face it - email is the center of most people’s universes.

060514 gibbs

Debugging Web apps for free with Fiddler

Fiddler is a free, fast, and well-featured Web debugger. And did I mention it's free?

Nutanix NX-3000 review: Virtualization cloud-style

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform brings resilient, cloud-like server and storage infrastructure to traditional virtualization deployments

Surface Pro 3 deep-dive review: Has Microsoft finally got it right?

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 is supposed to work as both a tablet and a laptop. After working with it for a week, does our reviewer agree?

Google Drive leads in features, lags in ease-of-use

This is the third in a series of three reviews covering the major online office productivity apps: Microsoft Office Online (Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online), Apple iWork for iCloud (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for...

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