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10 Chrome extensions for developers

Google Chrome needs a little polish and enhancement to really work with us instead of just for us.

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The best PC laptops of the year

We've tested too many laptops to count, and now we're ready to name the ones we'd spend our own money on.


Review: 6 business-class Chromebooks test their mettle

Is a Chromebook for you? Which one? We put top models from Acer, Dell, Google, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba to the test

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Microsoft Office for iOS reviews: The ultimate in iPad and iPhone productivity

Microsoft's flagship products now have a unified interface across all iOS devices, and most creating and editing features are available without an Office 365 subscription.

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Hawkeye G battles malware so you don’t have to

New product from Hexis Cyber Solutions automates the detection, prevention and removal of malware.

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7 Chrome developer extensions I can't live without

Over the six years since Chrome’s launch I’ve tested literally hundreds of extensions for Google's Chrome browser and there are a handful of development-oriented add-ons that I now find I can’t live without …

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Phablet deathmatch: Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Note 4

Whether you think of them as superphones or microtablets, the two main contenders are closely matched

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CuBox-i4Pro: A whole lotta Linux or Android for not a whole lotta cash

You can use the CuBox-i4Pro as an Android machine, a general purpose Linux host with or without external storage, or run the open source media player XBMC. As a platform for OEM projects the CuBox-i4Pro is a clean, elegant, and...


"Reply All," "Startup," and TAL: Podcasts you need to hear ...

As a technical, well-informed Internet user you should be listening to the podcast Reply All, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman and published by the newly-founded startup, Gimlet Media. Gimlet Media is CEO’ed by Alex Blumberg, an...

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Review: Spark lights a fire under big data processing

Apache Spark brings high-speed, in-memory analytics to Hadoop clusters, crunching large-scale data sets in minutes instead of hours


App o’ the week: Simplenote makes keeping and sharing lists easy (and free)

Simplenote, a program for making and sharing lists, is available as a free app for iOS, Android, OS X, and Kindle (but not for Windows) and can be accessed from the Web.

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SDN in action: Hands-on with Cumulus Linux

Imagine being able to manage scores of network switches as easily as scores of servers; Cumulus Linux makes it happen

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Nexia Home Intelligence: One of the best premises automation systems

Over the last few months I’ve been testing Nexia Home Intelligence, a premises automation solution sold by Ingersoll Rand which also owns a number of other well-known brands including Schlage, Trane, and American Standard. Given...

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Android 5.0 deep-dive review: Exploring Lollipop's many layers

Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop release brings major changes to the way the operating system looks and works. Here's a detailed tour of what's new and what it's like to use.

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What's eating up your hard drive? These 5 utilities tell all

No matter how slimmed down you believe your Mac's hard drive to be there are likely large files consuming space you could use for better things. These tools ferret out those files.

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Review: Microsoft's hybrid cloud storage -- overpriced, underwhelming

Microsoft's Azure StorSimple backup and DR solution offers compelling Azure integrations, but the high price and absence of local management hold it back

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Ghost could scare off WordPress as the top blogging platform

Ghost, a free, open source, fast, sleek, blogging platform based on Node.js

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HP’s strange new SlateBook: A guided tour

HP pairs the Android mobile OS with a full-blown notebook computer

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