Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter
Apple iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Revolv devices

Testing the Internet of Things: Can smart devices be united into an integrated whole?

An important part of the Internet of Things, Revolv's hub tries to make a group of indepedent smart devices work together intelligently. With the current state of the technology, however, that can be a challenge.

iphone 6 iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: Bigger is in fact better (in the right hands)

Sure, there are lots of little improvements in Apple's new smartphones. But the biggest change is that, well, they're bigger—and that will be a big win for many.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

4 Windows tablet/keyboard combos take on the Surface Pro

Microsoft's Surface Pro can be used as both a tablet and a laptop. We test four devices from Acer, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba that make the same claim.

binary system 63526 1280

What would you do if you lost access to your Gmail account?

Hopefully you've enabled Google Two Factor Verification but even if a hacker doesn't steal your account, other things can go wrong and then poof! No more Gmail for you. You can do something about this and the answer is simple; backup...

Toy robot

GREmailRobot: Powerful email automation (and cheap!)

GREmailRobot is a powerful SMTP and POP3 Windows utility that can perform sophisticated email filtering, modification, and routing tasks at an incredibly low price.

iphone 6 07

How to avoid online scams when selling your old iPhone or iPad contributor James A. Martin was the target of a scam when he tried selling his iPad mini online, and unfortunately such ploys are common. Here's how you can spot suspicious signs when selling a gadget and make sure you're not...


Amy, your personal AI-driven scheduling assistant (and I have accounts to give away!)

Scheduling meetings is a pain but's artificially intelligent assistant "Amy" makes it painless by interacting through email just as a human assistant would

websites for students

The 10 best websites for students

Bookmark these sites that can prove a valuable resource during the school year.


Hands-on: Chrome beta gets guest mode and a new profile switcher

You've been able to switch profiles and add a guest mode for months, but now Google is bringing the process front-and-center in the latest beta build of Chrome.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO headphones

Plantronics goes PRO with new wireless headphones

Review of the new Plantronics BackBeat PRO headphones, featuring active noise cancellation, Bluetooth wireless and a super-long battery life.


10 Firefox add-ons for boosting productivity

Stay on task and streamline your workflow with these browser tools.


Review: Odds and ends from around the office

Reviews of the Epson XP-810, Olloclip MACRO 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 5/5S and the ChargerLeash.

WallyHome Web interface

Wally: A high-tech networked water leak detection system

The Wally system is a wireless sensor network that effectively addresses the problem of detecting water damage from broken or leaking pipes at a very reasonable price.

Swing copters

A review of Swing Copters: Under no circumstances should you play this game

It’s like Flappy Bird, but even worse.

Productivity tablets

The 6 best tablets for getting work done in 2014

Can you be productive with a tablet? You betcha, provided you buy the right one.

hacker inside

Freeware: Febooti Hash & CRC verification utility.

Making sure what you download is what you think it is requires the publisher to publish a hash or checksum for each files and a tool to do the verification. Febooti has an answer and it's freeware.


Zipbuds: Earbuds with great sound, great design (particularly for travellers), and a great price

You can spend a lot of money on earbuds but Zipbuds, currently a Kickstarter campaign, not only sound good, they're well-designed, and remarkably low-cost and great for travel

pigeon holeresized1

Fluid: Turning Web content into OS X apps

If you've got too many browser tabs open and it's hard to find the one you want why not make the Web content into OS X apps?

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