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access points fast wifi 1

access points fast wifi 1

4 new access points deliver super-fast Wi-Fi

Linksys, Xclaim, Amped and ZyXel bring 802.11ac to SMB, enterprise markets.


Trello: A great way to get organized

Unless you’re an unusually well-organized person one of the things you aren’t is really organized. In general, it’s hard getting your act together and one of the most powerful ways to overcome your laziness and cavalier attitude...

android smartphone with money

Review: 7 Android apps that track your expenses

If you do any business travel, you know how important -- and annoying -- it is to track your spending. One of these 7 Android apps can help.

virtualmartha 2

Establishing your virtual presence on the cheap

Virtual Maggie is a combination of more traditional software and equipment that allows a person to sit in a remote office (generally at their home) while people in the workplace can both see and converse with the remote worker via a...

editor red ink revise revision calligraphy writing pen correction

Review: 10 JavaScript editors compared

Sublime Text, TextMate, and Brackets lead a rich field in capabilities and speed

samsung galaxy s6 edge white

Galaxy S6 edge an impressive enterprise phone — with one big exception

This enterprise-oriented Samsung Galaxy edge review looks at the strengths and shortcomings of the hottest new Android phone from a business perspective. Hint: It has a glaring Achilles heel.

anti virus software 1

Old-school anti-virus vendors learn new tricks

Testing reveals that traditional AV vendors have added defense-in-depth, BYOD protection.

1024px cleancubiclesouth20050109

Eccentric 21st Century LED lighting with Bluetooth and smartphone apps

You’re sitting in your office (or cube) and it’s kinda drab. You need something to brighten it up and I have just what you might want: Lamps. But these are no ordinary lamps, these are LED lamps called Notti and Dotti produced by...

wmnh dual monitor holder flickr photo sharing

Synergy: Outstanding "soft" keyboard and mouse sharing for OS X, Linux, and Windows

When you’ve got two or three machines on your desk you usually don’t want to have a keyboard and mouse for each one; that would be just way too much hardware to deal with and if your desk is like mine, there’s way too much other stuff...

skeye nano drone 2

A (micro) drone of your own

I’ve tested all sorts of quadcopters but the SKEYE Nano Drone is the smallest and most affordable smart drone so far.

cloud tools

Top tools to manage cloud apps

AppNeta edges Exoprise in four-vendor test of products that fix cloud bottlenecks.


LIFTTT gives IFTTT location-awesomeness

How to trigger IFTTT actions when your smartphone is at a particular location is solved by the LIFTTT app, available for iOS and Android

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Misfit Shine: The best fitness tracker

With the explosion of digital health monitoring products, the “quantified self” movement has moved away from its bio-hacker roots into the mainstream and Apple’s recent release of Health with iOS 8 underlined this change. The Misfit...

microsoft surface 3 with keyboard rear windows logo

Can Microsoft's new Surface 3 replace your notebook?

Microsoft wants you to replace your notebook and tablet with one device — the Surface 3. But can its Windows 8.1-running hybrid do the job of both without compromise?

browsers chrome firefox internet explorer safari

HTML5 shoot-out: How Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera measure up

Chrome and Opera lead in compliance with the latest Web features, but the differences among browsers may be smaller than they appear


First look: Apple's new MacBook is small, yet completely capable

A first look at Apple's new MacBook reveals a beautifully designed, conveniently compact laptop with some interesting -- and potentially problematic -- features.

apple watch calls time on apple retail

Hands on: The first Apple Watch apps for road warriors

30 first-gen apps show promise, but still make you wonder about smartwatch utility

042715 cloud costing 1

Best tools for cutting cloud costs

As you move workloads to the cloud, you’ve probably already discovered that keeping track of your monthly cloud computing bills isn't easy.

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