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Review: ClustrixDB scales out -- way out

Clustered relational database outperforms Amazon Aurora for low-latency, high-transaction-rate scenarios

data center storage

Software-defined storage: Users reveal the best (and worst) features

Enterprise IT managers identify the most valuable features -- and areas needing improvement -- in four leading products for software-defined storage.

Luma wireless mesh network

Riding the new Wi-Fi wave (part 1)

A review of the Luma wireless mesh networking system, which changes the way home networks will use their Wi-Fi.

multiple speed it

Review: SQL Server 2016 boosts speed, analytics

SQL Server 2016 shines with stretch database to Azure, queries against Hadoop, internal R, better security, and higher performance

tabtops 2

Invasion of the tabtops: The new hybrid tablets reviewed

The Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Pixel-C, and Galaxy TabPro S all seek to merge the tablet and the laptop, with mixed success

livecode 8 1

Review: LiveCode 8 is freaking incredible

The new LiveCode visual software development environment, available as open source, is easy to use and powerful.

multi factor authentication products 1

Buyer’s Guide to 9 multi-factor authentication products

The two-factor authentication market has moved toward what is now being called multi-factor authentication. One of the key features being new types of hardware-based tokens. Here are individual reviews of nine MFA products.


5 trends shaking up multi-factor authentication

Perhaps the biggest surprise in our review of nine multi-factor authentication products is that physical tokens are making a comeback. Many IT managers were hoping that software-based tokens, which are easier to deploy and manage,...

multi factor authentication products 1

9-vendor authentication roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

New ‘smart’ tokens and risk-based factors deliver tighter security, but setups remain complex and user interfaces need a facelift.

Aukey Ventev Fellowes gadgets

Cool Tools roundup: Charging, sweating and keyboarding

Another random assortment of gadget reviews from the busiest gadget guy east of the Mississippi.

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Review: Microsoft masters microservices

Azure Service Fabric has the right stuff for massively scaling reliable microservices, but cluster installation is a bear

dell xps 13 developer edition

Review: The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop is nearly perfect

The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop has a good battery, has a great screen, is sturdy, is fast and, most important, supports (and ships with) Linux.

insider threat

Review: Hot new tools to fight insider threats

An entire industry has sprung up to provide a defense against insider threats. We tested products from Fortscale, Avanan, and PFU Systems, with each one concentrating on a different aspect of the problem.

insider threat

3 top tools to fight insider threats

We tested three products, each concentrating on a different aspect of the insider threat problem.

raspberry pi 2 node red

Node-RED, wiring the Raspberry Pi to the IoT

When you want to connect an IoT device to the Internet (or, for that matter, connect anything to anything), you should take a serious look at Node-RED, a free, open source visual process wiring system from IBM

01 android n features

Hands on: What's new and noteworthy with Android N

A detailed look at the most meaningful changes coming to Android via this year's yet-to-be-named N release.

thinking businessman apps ts

PowerApps first look: Create mobile apps without coding

Microsoft’s nascent no-code development tool is limited and limiting, but also promising

cropped man's arm in tan suit holding retro red phone

6 ways to add a second line to your smartphone

Whether you're running a small business or just looking to improve your BYOD situation, there's an app that can help.

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