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Prelert's Anomaly Detective: Finding Black Swans in Big Data

When presented with huge amounts of otherwise indigestible Big Data, Prelert's Anomaly Detective applies analytical and statistical techniques to spot anomalies.

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Michael Kors Duracell iPhone Power Case: How cool do I look now?

I have tested many, many very practical iPhone cases but I now find myself in a very different aesthetic place because I am now sporting an iPhone case from a whole different dimension: The Blingiverse. Yep, I’ve been toting around a...

Old gadgets

Long-term device testing reveals unexpected benefit

What happens when old gadgets sit around for months at a time?

From Fra Burmeister og Wain's Iron Foundry by Peder Severin Krøyer fire manufacture worker industry

Review: IBM Bluemix bulks up Cloud Foundry

IBM's full-featured PaaS wows with Watson and an amazing array of services, but many are not yet ready for prime time

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New Google Translate includes VR signage, photo and speech

If you’ve ever travelled in a country where you don’t speak the language you’ll know how confusing and frustrating it can be to try to make sense of things like signs, particularly when you’re trying to find catch a plane or train....

Netgear Arlo Home Security Camera

Reviews: Netgear's Arlo simplifies home video security; Logitech widens its wireless mice

Home video monitoring becomes truly plug-and-play

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What’s new in SUSE LINUX 12?

SUSE 12 is a broad set of Linux distributions ranging from desktop through enterprise level. We tested several instances and found them quite ready for enterprise use. All in all, SUSE 12 is a worthy competitor to Red Hat and Ubuntu...

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SUSE Linux 12 challenges Red Hat

It’s been more than five years since SUSE delivered a full release of its Enterprise Linux software, and a lot has happened to the company during that time.

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Premises Automation: Lighting with the Philips Hue system

The Philips Hue system is, by far, the best premises automation system for lighting I've tested so far

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Projector

Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Is a tiny projector in your tablet a thing you need? Keith Shaw lets you know.

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Review: Mirantis takes the sting out of OpenStack deployments

Mirantis' wizardly discovery, configuration, deployment, and pre-flight testing tool takes you from zero to OpenStack in a matter of hours

network monitoring

Uptime simplifies system and server monitoring

Server and systems management tools have long been too expensive and too complex to actually use without spending thousands of dollars on consultants. Uptime Software has been trying to change that with a product that can be installed...

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3 great CES Windows ultrabooks you'll crave

Windows fans, take note: Three great Windows ultrabooks were just announced at CES. Which is best for you? I've got specs and details.

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UTM Shootout: Security appliances for SMBs are smaller, more powerful and packed with new features

Vendors are coming up with new ways to fit enterprise-grade security features into more compact and more powerful appliances.

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CheckPoint, Watchguard earn top spots in UTM shootout

UTM appliances for SMB security are getting smaller, more powerful and more feature rich.


Zapier zaps connecting apps

You could argue that the main task of IT is to connect stuff together. We connect data to processes, processes to people and other processes, hardware to hardware … it’s all about getting stuff talking to achieve a goal. Zapier wants...


So you got your drone or GoPro for Christmas ... what are you going to edit the footage with?

So, you got a drone for Christmas or maybe a GoPro and you’ve shot some footage ... now what are you going to do with it? If you’re a Windows user you should check out MAGIX Fastcut, an editing application with a features that make it...

mobile business

Review: Salesforce has the right stuff for mobile development

Salesforce1 Platform gives Salesforce developers at all skill levels good options for building mobile apps

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