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Review: Storm’s real-time processing comes at a price

The open source stream processing solution is proven reliable at scale, but difficult to learn and use

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Inside Windows 10: Sneak peek at the default apps

Inside Windows 10: Sneak peek at the default apps

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How to avoid getting hacked due to vulnerable WordPress plugins

If you’re running a WordPress site and given the number of potentially show-stopping problems that exist, get fixed, and are replaced with new problems that are just as bad then you need to be on top of what plugins you’re using and...

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NAS shoot-out: QNAP vs. Synology

The beefy QNAP TVS-EC880 delivers better performance under heavy workloads, while the elegant Synology DS2015xs shines with useful tools

Review: Logitech MX Master wireless mouse

Logitech calls the MX Master “The Precision Instrument for Masters of Their Craft,” implying that this is for workers or users who need specific, precise mousing movements, as well as a large number of buttons for customized computer...

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VMware, Balabit, SpectorSoft take unique approaches to log management

In this review, we compared three log managers: VMware’s Log Insight, Balabit’s Syslog-ng Professional Edition, and SpectorSoft’s SpectorSoft Server Manager. Each offers a way of gathering, compiling, and in the case of VMware, and to...

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An in-depth look at 3 log managers

Each log manager offers a unique way of gathering, compiling and making sense of syslogs and Windows Events.

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First Look: Microsoft’s new Spartan browser for Windows 10

Here’s what sets Spartan apart from Internet Explorer.

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Griffin 20 pumps up the digital volume

Griffin's Twenty is great looking digital audio amplifier with a 20 watt per channel output and you can switch the input from its S/PDIF optical port to Bluetooth streaming.

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Bacony goodness + math + 3D printing = an inedible endless Bacon Möbius strip

If you take a strip of bacon and twist one end through 180 degrees then join the two ends you get a piece of bacon with only one side, a Bacon Möbius strip. Cool. But it won't keep so, to memorialize this mathematical wonder, why not...

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Here be cables (and monsters)

I bet you’ve been wondering just where the myriad submarine communications cables are and about all sorts of other really geeky stuff about them. Fear not! A company by the name of Telegeography has your back … or rather your map.

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Power up, baby! Cyntur JumpStart Mini: A monster backup battery in a tiny package

The market for portable battery packs to keep your digital life going on the road has become a huge business over the last couple of years and I just got my hands on one of the more versatile and powerful products in this market: The...

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Meteor: An amazing free, open source Web app platform you have to try

The new Web apps hotness ... Meteor. You code in JavaScript on both the client- and the server-side, it's real-time even for implementing code updates for running apps, it’s based on Node.js, it’s open source, secure, fast, and...

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Galaxy S6 Edge review: Innovative, impressive -- and impractical

Samsung's new Galaxy S6 Edge is a curved screen smartphone with looks to kill, but you may want to think twice before pulling the trigger.

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First look: Project Spartan, Microsoft's next-generation Web browser

Microsoft’s new browser combines a minimalist look and feel with a rendering engine designed to keep pace with a rapidly evolving Web

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Acer Chromebook 15 review: Massive display, with mixed results overall

I used the Acer Chromebook 15, which boasts the largest screen of any Chromebook, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet.

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NAC is back. And better than ever

We review 5 of the leading network access control products.

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Review: Portnox, Extreme lead NAC pack

Network Access Control (NAC) products continue to get better and easier to use.

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