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TamoSoft's CommView offers ease of use

By , Network World
January 19, 2009 12:10 AM ET

Network World - Tamosoft's flagship product is CommView, and CommView for Wi-Fi is a special edition that provides the necessary drivers that allow a variety of off-the-shelf Wi-Fi cards to be used for capture and analysis tasks.

The product is easy to install and configure (apart from the need to find a suitable adapter), and upon starting up a channel scan is performed to find access points within range. The channel to capture is then specified by the user, and then a simple tab-based interface can be used to zero in on items of interest. Detailed information is provided on tabs that include nodes (SSIDs with summary info), channels and packet details.

The whole process is very intuitive, astonishingly easy to use, and we thus feel a little guilty for dinging them for not having a manual. There is excellent documentation on the Web, though, and we wouldn't mind using this product every day. It is however, the same price as CACE's AirPcap, and CACE includes the required hardware.

All of the products reviewed can filter packets according to a set of criteria, capture frames and assign sequence numbers, and save captures to a file. Any of the tools offering analysis would be suitable for solving most problems; the differences are in bells and whistles (many of which are of course useful) and ease-of-use, which is often a function of one's preferences for a particular user interface strategy.

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