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How we tested Canonical's UEC

By Tom Henderson and Brendan Allen, Network World
May 10, 2010 12:05 AM ET

Network World - We tested Canonical's UEC with Ubuntu 10.0.4 server editions on a GBE switched network in our lab. We controlled the network Dell PowerEdge 1950 with 8GB of dynamic RAM and dual quad-core Intel CPUs with a Dell Optiplex 740 triple-core AMD machine with 4GB of memory that housed the controller apps. The Dell 1950 was used to host nodes. 

We used MacBookPros with Firefox 3.6 for the HybridFox plug-in (and as an ssh terminal) to access the Controller server, which in turn manipulated the hosted nodes. Most of our efforts were spent in debugging the bundles, which are the crucial payloads of UEC. Once we figured them out (via the aforementioned trial and error, lacking usable docs for the bundles) all was smooth sailing.

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