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Three-stream Wi-Fi hits the mark

In 3-stream vs 2-stream tests, 7 MIMO-based access points deliver impressive performance increases

By Craig Mathias, Network World
March 26, 2012 12:07 AM ET

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As tempting as it may be, any use of these results to directly compare the performance of the enterprise-class access points tested here should be avoided. Note that we used only a single workload on a single client, a highly unrealistic real-world enterprise scenario, and many other considerations, including system architecture, scalability, capacity, security management features and much more preclude the application of any single figure of merit in this case.

Comparing residential-class and enterprise-class products based on these results would be similarly unrealistic and misleading given wildly diverging sets of capabilities and core missions. Again, our objective was to learn what contribution, if any, might be made by three-stream capability - and we were more than surprised by the results.

Mathias is a principal at Farpoint Group, a wireless advisory firm in Ashland, Mass. He can be reached at

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