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Six free databases with commercial-quality features

Microsoft, Oracle offer impressive free versions of their commercial offerings, but MariaDB wins our test

By Susan Perschke, Network World
December 03, 2012 12:08 AM ET

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Some of the security features of Firebird include object-level access control and the ability to remove source code for triggers, procedures and views. Firebird does not currently offer native encryption, but there are third-party tools that do. As for documentation, Firebird has an excellent FAQ website along with a variety of other documentation available on the Firebird website.

Overall we were impressed with Firebird SQL as the vendor has added additional features to an already excellent database, InterBase. For example, the most recent releases of Firebird SQL include recursive queries, procedural triggers to remote DB access and multi-threading. A new major release, Version 3.0, is in the works, with an alpha release expected to be available later this year. This will include features such as the ability to write stored procedures in Java and C++.

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