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Smartphones take center stage in two-factor authentication schemes

SecureAuth IdP wins test of 8 software-based authentication systems that deliver enterprise-level security

By David Strom, Network World
May 20, 2013 06:01 AM ET

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In addition to the complex software collection, there is an equally complex pricing scheme. You have three grades of server software: the standard level (which doesn't include any agents), the gold level (which has a few of them along with high availability support) and the enterprise level (which includes all connectors).

The cost for a 100 token configuration includes a 100-user license for the enterprise version of Identikey, including maintenance, is $14,944, which is the most expensive product in the test set.
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How we tested two-factor authentication products

We asked vendors to submit a soft token based identity management service that made use of the SMS-based phone network, a smartphone app, or some other mechanism, other than the traditional hardware token. We tested these tokens in a variety of situations, such as logins to a VPN, a Web service, and Microsoft Windows Active Directory and Internet Information servers. Where we needed to install software, we used either a Windows XP or Windows 2008 Server as well as a Windows Server 2008 running in's cloud-based service. We also used two AT&T cell phones: an iPhone 4S and an Android LG Optimus G to run various apps from each vendor.

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