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Microsoft .Net Core: Finally ready for prime time

All Microsoft’s next-gen development stack needed was adequate tooling, APIs, libraries, and documentation. They’re here at last

PhotoLemur screen grab

App time! Rounding up two new mobile and desktop apps

Quickly improve photos with Photolemur or add a musical soundtrack to your videos via Moodelizer.

Red and blue boxing gloves facing each other

NoSQL grudge match: MongoDB vs. Couchbase Server

Which document database? From ease of installation and backup flexibility to index design and query capabilities, a few key differences point the way

galaxy s8 full

Galaxy S8+ review: The future of Android is now

With a stunning 6.2-inch screen and a brilliantly compact design, the Galaxy S8+ isn't just a new flagship from Samsung, it's the best phone anyone has ever made.

Tri-folding wireless keyboard iClever touchpad

Tiny gadget roundup time!

Reviews of some smaller devices that help make life more enjoyable.

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Review: VMM 2016 stiffs Azure, older Hyper-V

System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager shines for Windows Server 2016, but does little for prior versions of Hyper-V

4 standardize three locks

Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V: More secure, but not faster

Hyper-V 2016 tightens VM security and eases management, but seems to have lost a step

EarlySense Live sleep sensor

Data time: Tracking sleep, tracking my car

Seagate and IDC recently issued a white paper that predicted an explosion of the amount of data that we’ll be dealing with by 2025. As more device makers create Internet of Things devices, these devices will create tons of data...


Fight firewall sprawl with AlgoSec, Tufin, Skybox suites

These three security policy management toolsets deliver orchestration and automation.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 18.1: Mostly smooth, but some sharp edges

A review of the latest version of Ubuntu-based operating system offers long-term support.


Humble Bundle lassos Python

Humble Bundle and No Starch Press have pulled together to offer a really sweet deal on digital books on Python.

Which Mac should I buy?

Which Mac should you buy?

Trying to decide which Mac to buy? Our guide has the lowdown on every Mac that Apple has to offer. Find out which Mac is best for you.

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Review: Amazon QuickSight covers the BI basics

A promising data analysis tool in the cloud, QuickSight is easy to use but limited in terms of visualization types

windows 10

Review: Windows 10 Creators Update is here and worth the download (with video)

Windows 10 Creators Update, the latest version of Microsoft's new operating system update, offers some interesting new features worth knowing about.

AmpliFi HD Mesh Point

Turn an old Wi-Fi network into a wireless mesh

Add or expand an old wireless router with the AmpliFI HD Mesh Point.

Henge Docks docking station for MacBook Pro

Clean up your desk space with cool MacBook Pro docking station

Load and lock - automatic docking station connects peripherals and makes for a better looking office space.

The Old School sign building

PodPi makes STEM education exciting!

PodPi makes problem solving with electronics, code, and cartoons exciting. School wasn't this cool in my day.

windows reveal

Review: Windows 10 Creators Update is worth waiting for

In fact, wait as long as Microsoft will let you, since this is mostly a minor upgrade

mist beacons

Virtual beacons challenge Wi-Fi for in-building, location-based supremacy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons from Mist Systems and Cisco could revolutionize the consumer experience in retail, healthcare, hospitality.


Review: VMware vSphere gets much-needed facelift

vSphere 6.5 is easy to install, sports a new VM management console and takes a stab at Docker integration.

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