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What happens when your Office 365 subscription runs out? Ransom


This may make you think twice before shifting to a subscription model vs. an installed model.

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  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    USA world rankings: #1 for sending spam, #8 for Netflix streaming speeds by Ms Smith

    The U.S. is top dog when it comes to sending spam, but when it comes to streaming Netflix, the U.S. comes in as the eighth fastest nation. When Sophos named its spam-relaying "Dirty Dozen" for the first quarter of 2014, it pointed out, "Remember that if your country is on the list, we're not implying that you and your fellow countrymen are spam kings." Instead, it implies the countries on the list have botnet-infected PCs spewing spam on behalf of the real cybercrooks. The worst spam-relaying...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    How users are fixing Windows 8.1 Update install problems by Andy Patrizio

    Within days of Microsoft unleashing Windows 8.1 Update, users began flooding Microsoft support boards with problems during the install. Microsoft has been rather mum on the issue, but skilled users have found fixes to the problem.The problems began piling up on Microsoft's Answers forum and continue to this day. The first problem was reported on the day of the launch of Windows 8.1 Update, referred to as KB 2919355 in Microsoft patch parlance.As a result, Microsoft has given enterprise...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Microsoft releases new-and-improved Threat Modeling Tool 2014 by Ms Smith

    Threat modeling can help identify "design-level security and privacy weaknesses in systems," wrote Trustworthy Computing's Tim Raines. "Threat modeling is also used to help identify mitigations that can reduce the overall risk to a system and the data it processes. Once customers try threat modeling, they typically find it to be a useful addition to their approach to risk management." Microsoft last released a free Security Development Lifecycle Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) in 2011, but has...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Record and rewind: Cops quietly test aerial surveillance to track crime by Ms Smith

    Because America apparently isn't enough of a surveillance society, and aerial surveillance only works if it is "looking at the right spot," cops have been testing a new wide-area surveillance system that can watch, record and rewind every outdoor activity that happens in a city, every person, every car and every crime. It "is something of a time machine - the entire city is filmed and recorded in real time," reported The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR). "Imagine Google Earth with a...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    Windows XP holdouts explain why they haven't upgraded by Andy Patrizio

    OK, Armageddon has passed, and I was wrong. April 9 was not the new Y2K bug. In this case, I'm glad I was wrong. However, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP (and Office 2003, we often forget that) and a lot of people are still using it.RELATED: Attention Windows 8.1 users: Update 1 is not an optionWhat happens when your Office 365 subscription runs out? RansomMicrosoft sure tried to incentivize people to move, with things like a $100 discount off a Surface Pro 2 or PC purchase and a...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    When student recorded bullies with iPad, school claimed it was felony wiretapping by Ms Smith

    It's said desperate times call for desperate measures, so a desperate teenager used his school-supplied iPad to record "proof" of students bullying him during his special education math class. Instead of stopping or punishing the bullies, Pennsylvania school administrators threatened to charge the South Fayette High School sophomore with felony wiretapping. After reading several anti-bullying websites, the student -- a minor diagnosed with ADHD, an anxiety disorder and a comprehension delay...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Would you be on Project Insight kill list from 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'? by Ms Smith

    The Captain America sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, made $92 million the weekend it debuted, 4-4-14, far exceeding the $65 million the original film grossed on its opening weekend. None of those dollars were mine, and I’m a big fan of save-the-world heroes like those featured in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers, so I finally went to see the movie. This Big Brother-type conspiracy action-adventure thriller is less of an "escape" from everyday life, and more of a reminder that...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    Attention Windows 8.1 users: Update 1 is not an option by Andy Patrizio

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 (that is so clumsy) has been rolling out all week and reviewers are singing hosannas to the update, which focuses on making the OS more keyboard- and mouse-friendly. See our own in-depth review for more details.The Update is designated as an "Important" security update in Windows Update, when a more appropriate term would be "mandatory." You see, Microsoft is going to require all Windows 8.1 users to have Windows 8.1 Update 1 installed for them in order to receive future...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    50 years of BASIC: Celebrating the programming language's long, eventful life by Andy Patrizio

    Credit: Dartmouth College Library BASIC creators John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz.The mainframe isn't the only technology hitting the ripe old age of 50 this year. On May 1st, the BASIC programming language, first developed by Dartmouth College Professors Thomas Kurtz and John Kemeny, celebrates 50 years.At the time, computers were highly serial. You loaded punch cards and waited your turn to run the application. That was known as batch processing. As computers matured from vacuum tubes to silicon...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Research: Attacks on HTML5-based apps infect smartphones, spread like a 'worm' by Ms Smith

    By 2016, experts estimate that over 50% of mobile apps will be based on HTML5 technology and coded, at least partially, in JavaScript. Apps are usually written in a language native to a specific platform, but developers only need to create one HTML5-based app and it runs on any platform. While that's handy for app developers, it's also "just a disaster waiting to happen," according to Syracuse University Professor Kevin Du. "Imagine you're at the airport and you want to find the free Wi-Fi....

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