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  • Open Source Community

    Online black market designed to evade feds by Colin Neagle

    A new plan to perpetuate the online black market takes an approach that aims to make it more difficult for federal law enforcement to interfere.The project, called DarkMarket, aims to decentralize the architecture supporting it, Wired reports. This would make it more difficult for law enforcement to shut down an entire network, as the FBI did when it seized the server hosting the Silk Road last fall. The DarkMarket is a peer-to-peer system, so if one major player behind the network is...

  • Open Source Fact and Fiction

    Microsoft Office vs Google Docs: The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet by Alan Shimel

    I was reading ComputerWorld's Preston Gralla's article on Microsoft Office whipping Google Docs. I just don't see it. While I agree that you can't compare the feature set of power tools that MS Office gives you compared to the utilitarian features from Google, I don't know if I would say the game is over quite yet. Let me say from the outset that I actually prefer MS Office to Google Docs, hands down. For my part, I really do wish it was over. I don't like editing in Google Docs and for...

  • Open Source Community

    Americans are scared about the future of drones, robots, and wearables by Colin Neagle

    Generally, most Americans are optimistic about the impact of technology on the future, specifically in regards to its impact on healthcare. A recent Pew Research report shows that 81% of responding Americans expect that patients in need of a transplant will be able to receive lab-grown organs within the next 50 years, for example.However, concerns over technology that is already controversial today trump the optimism overall. From the report:66% think it would be a change for the worse if...

  • Open Source Fact and Fiction

    MongoDB 2.6 - NoSQL all grown up by Alan Shimel

    NoSQL databases have been bursting into the market for a few years now. However, many DBAs still winked and smiled when discussing NoSQL, the way an older cousin looks down on a younger relative. Cute and sassy, but really if you want to play with toys, go ahead. With the latest release of MongoDB, that is just not the case anymore. MongoDB 2.6 is NoSQL all grown up. Yes, we know how much money some of the leading NoSQLs have raised. Yes, we know how some of the unicorns of the web used NoSQL...

  • Open Source Fact and Fiction

    Docker becomes de facto Linux standard by Alan Shimel

    Lots of news coming out of the Red Hat Summit this week. A lot of the buzz is around containerization in general and Docker in particular. Docker is set to ship with the latest version of RHEL (RHEL 7.0). Also, Docker will integrate with Red Hat's Open Shift PaaS. This is in addition to the earlier announcement that Red Hat is launching certification of applications delivered in the Docker container format. All of this Docker and Red Hat news and integrations are only part of the picture,...

  • Linux Tycoon

    Linux distro 'elementary' grows up, starts paying developers by Bryan Lunduke

    The elementary OS (the beginning “e” is lowercase) team has been making some big waves lately. First a video appeared that showcased the next version of elementary (code named “Isis”) and some seriously impressive updates, including visual polish not typically found in most software (Open Source or otherwise).Then the team unveiled a large collection of paid bounties that they are making available via to help drive progress on new features and bug fixes of the popular little...

  • Open Source Community

    In France, it's now illegal to work after 6 p.m. by Colin Neagle

    UPDATE: Buzzfeed and Slate are now claiming that the Guardian report cited in this post was incorrect in its claims that the law affects 1 million employees - the new number being thrown around is 250,000 - and that the agreement doesn't enforce a 6 p.m. deadline or any specific time at all. As Buzzfeed speculated, that specific 6 p.m. time was likely an assumption based on the French labor law's limit to a 35-hour work week, which forces many to end their work day at 6 p.m.This is still among...

  • Open Source Fact and Fiction

    IBM's BlueMix delivers PaaS to developers large and small by Alan Shimel

    IBM's recent Pulse Conference in Las Vegas was like Christmas in February for developers. Whether working in midmarket or large enterprises, independent consultant or employee, there was something for everyone. The best part of this is that they are gifts that keep on giving as IBM continues to roll out what they announced at Pulse. I had a chance to catch up with IBM Midmarket GM, John Mason and GM of IBM Ecosystem, Sandy Carter, to discuss Pulse and how IBM is working with the developer...

  • Linux Tycoon

    Mozilla's Eich steps down as CEO: A sad but necessary move by Bryan Lunduke

    After 11 days on the job, Brendan Eich has stepped down as the CEO of Mozilla. At the root of his departure was his past donations to an anti-gay marriage proposition in California, and the resulting backlash from the community.I continue to have incredibly mixed feeling about this.Brendan has made some amazing contributions to Mozilla, the web, and Open Source over the last two decades. He started working on Netscape back in 1995, was the chief architect during the creation of Mozilla in 1998,...

  • Open Source Community

    Comcast vs. Google: How a potential broadband battle could impact consumers by Colin Neagle

    As Google Fiber expands its low-cost, high-speed broadband service into new markets, the ensuing competition in the U.S. internet market could cause a nationwide ripple effect of lower prices and better services.A recent Motley Fool article details how Google Fiber – which offers 5 Mbps broadband for free, 1 Gbps broadband for $70 per month, and a 1 Gbps and cable TV package (including 2 TB of DVR storage and a Nexus 7 tablet) for $120 – could impact major U.S. internet service providers (ISPs)...

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