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Hot apps and cool tools for the wireless enterprise

These six products get the thumbs-up for combining wow with workability.

By , Network World
October 23, 2006 12:10 AM ET

Network World - Streaming the latest "American Idol" performances to your cell phone might be pretty cool, but it's not going to help your company hit its quarterly numbers. For unwired enterprise users, hot applications and cool tools have to blend the "wow" factor with practicality and payoff. The cutting edge in technology is always fascinating, and you can see it at its best in our recent coverage of the Demo show, hosted by Network World's Events group. However, for your next-generation infrastructure, the New Data Center, we know that hot applications and cool tools for the unwired mean the ones that combine innovation with a track record of performance. Here are our picks.

Hot apps

Special delivery: enterprise data via e-mail

Company: ClairMail

Product: ClairMail

You're standing in front of an irate customer in his office, with your smart phone in hand, and you really need to know the details about his late order. Using your smart phone's e-mail program, you select an e-mail address, enter the customer's name on the subject line, and hit Send. In less than a minute, you have the data, pulled from your company's back-end CRM system.

With ClairMail's server software, you send e-mails from your address list not to colleagues but to enterprise databases and applications with one click. E-mail becomes an application interface.

It's addictive, too. Employees at J2K Technology, a Garden City, N.J., IT services company that advises customers on what products to buy, now use ClairMail routinely, even for Web searches, because it's so much faster and simpler than the BlackBerry Web browser, says Kevin Bock, J2K's president.

Users select CM Google from their address list, type in the search terms and e-mail it to ClairMail's hosted service, which runs the search and returns the results.

Rivals in this space include Sybase's iAnywhere group and Sendia, recently acquired by

As a hosted service, ClairMail is $5 per user, per month. As an in-house appliance behind the corporate firewall, pricing is $40 per user, per month.

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